GloZell Discusses Infertility–Surprise BABY NEWS!

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GloZell Starring in Docuseries about Infertility Journey

GloZell is starring in an original docuseries entitled “Glo All In: Glozell’s Baby Journey“. GloZell will try to conceive a baby through holistic treatments, IVF and even surrogacy! The docuseries will begin Sunday-November 12th, 2015 and will available to watch on go90 smartphone app. Glozell says,

“I will do everything I have to do. With the pressure of time working against me, I combined both holistic and traditional treatments through my journey. I believe holistic ways can help what we now call “traditional” medicine. Holistic methods came first…. so that used to be traditional! It can only help to eat better and think positively, for example.”

GloZell Discusses Holistic Treatments

GloZell says she originally thought her husband, Kevin- was infertile because he is 10 years her senior. They both got tested and Kevin was in the clear. GloZell then began her interest in holistic treatments for trying to conceive. GloZell realized holistic treatments used to be traditional. GloZell will combine both holistic and “modern medicine” treatments throughout her journey.

glozellGloZell Lynette Simon (Hollywood, CA) came onto the YouTube scene in 2008 with street interviews and comedies revolving around her life. GloZell’s name comes from a combo of her parent’s names-Gloria and Ozell Simon. In 2012, Glozell announced her engagement to Kevin Simon on her YouTube channel. The couple were married on August 9th, 2015.

On January 22nd, 2015-Glozell interviewed Barack Obama in a YouTube live stream that was hosted inside the White House.


GloZell also has a fan in Oprah:

GloZell gets a tweet from Oprah!

GloZell Discusses Surrogacy

GloZell says she has been eating well for the past two years so she can have the “best quality eggs” possible. She also thinks surrogacy is a great option as well,

“The doctors said that it would be very high risk for me to carry using IVF due to my age and endometriosis. Knowing that someone else could carry my biological children is such a gift.”

GloZell notes, in a few weeks, her chosen surrogate will be implanted and a few days later-she and Kevin will find out if she is pregnant!

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