GloZell Green Is Having A Baby With Help Of Surrogate


YouTube Veteran Glozell Green is HAVING A BABY!

GloZell Green shocked viewers not to long ago with the news that she will be attempting to have a baby with husband, Kevin. However, there were many bumps along the way and GloZell soon realized she was having fertility issues. Not one to be deterred, GloZell decided to utilize many resources to become fertile ranging from holistic treatments to vagina steaming treatments!


GloZell Finds Out She Needs a Surrogate and Will Interview President Barack Obama!

It was 2013 and after many failed attempts in getting pregnant with husband Kevin–GloZell went to the doctor to find a cause. After several tests, the doctor told Glozell, “There is nothing we can do for you”. Glozell was told she had “endometriosis”, a condition in which the lining her uterus began growing on the outside. GloZell then went to 2-3 more doctors for other opinions and her friend, Wendy Wilson-Miller suggested Dr. Bradford Kolb. Dr. Kolb suggested she try finding a surrogate to cary her and her husband’s biological child. Global was all in! Crazy enough, it was during this time in which GloZell found out she would be interviewing President Barack Obama!


Glozell began receiving hormone injections to stimulate her ovaries into producing more eggs. Glozell continued going to 2-3 doctor appointments a week while continue her hormone injections.

GloZell Opts For Holistic Fertility Treatments

In an attempt to try every fertility treatment available, Glozell tries holistic “If you get your body together—the body, mind spirit, that has to help the journey.” Global goes to a sweat lodge and gets into an apparatus which heats up to 165 degrees! Glozell said she is doing this to detox her body and hopefully her eggs will grow.


“Honestly, I was just thinking—What can I do to help my body? Because I had not 1—not 2, but 3 different doctors tell me it’s not gonna happen. So I have to take it upon myself to do my best…I believe it’s gonna work, I’m gonna try—at the end of the day, they can’t say I didn’t try.”

Glozell Completes 5 Cycles of In Vitro Fertilization Treatments!

Glozell opts for “V-Steaming”, an ancient Korean treatment that releases the toxins in your vagina. At this point, Glozell has completed 5 cycles of in vitro fertilization. These invasive treatments require egg retrieval surgeries. Glozell wasn’t sure if she should do a 6th cycle because she only has 3 embryos left. These are the only embryos left that can be transferred into the surrogate. Finally, Glozell decides she has a great team of people behind her and opts to place the embryos in the surrogate.


Next we meet Shawna Johnson who discusses her thoughts and feelings on being the surrogate to Glozell’s biological baby. Shawna then enters the hospital room with Glozell and her husband, Kevin for the 2 embryo transfer. After ONE YEAR, Glozell sits next to her surrogate Shawna and Dr. Kolbe and is told she IS PREGNANT!


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