GloZell Green is having a baby! Get news, photos and baby updates at!


GloZell Discusses Infertility–Surprise BABY NEWS!

GloZell Starring in Docuseries about Infertility Journey GloZell is starring in an original docuseries entitled "Glo All In: Glozell's Baby Journey". GloZell will try to conceive...

GloZell’s Surrogate—Shawna Is 20 Weeks Pregnant + 3D/4D Ultrasound Photos!

GloZell and her husband, Kevin go to California to visit her surrogate, Shawna! GloZell and her husband sit down to check in and discuss...

GloZell Green Is Having A Baby With Help Of Surrogate

YouTube Veteran Glozell Green is HAVING A BABY! GloZell Green shocked viewers not to long ago with the news that she will be attempting to have...
glozells baby

GloZell Baby Update: Surrogate Shawna Delivers GloZell’s Baby Girl! [VIDEO]

GloZell and her husband, Kevin have finally come to the end of their long journey with their surrogate, Shawna! Glozell and her sister, DeOnzell...


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