GloZell Green is having a baby! Get news, photos and baby updates at!

glozells baby

GloZell Baby Update: Surrogate Shawna Delivers GloZell’s Baby Girl! [VIDEO]

GloZell and her husband, Kevin have finally come to the end of their long journey with their surrogate, Shawna! Glozell and her sister, DeOnzell...

GloZell Discusses Infertility–Surprise BABY NEWS!

GloZell Starring in Docuseries about Infertility Journey GloZell is starring in an original docuseries entitled "Glo All In: Glozell's Baby Journey". GloZell will try to conceive...

GloZell’s Surrogate—Shawna Is 20 Weeks Pregnant + 3D/4D Ultrasound Photos!

GloZell and her husband, Kevin go to California to visit her surrogate, Shawna! GloZell and her husband sit down to check in and discuss...

GloZell Green Is Having A Baby With Help Of Surrogate

YouTube Veteran Glozell Green is HAVING A BABY! GloZell Green shocked viewers not to long ago with the news that she will be attempting to have...


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