GloZell Baby Update: Surrogate Shawna Delivers GloZell’s Baby Girl! [VIDEO]

glozells baby

GloZell and her husband, Kevin have finally come to the end of their long journey with their surrogate, Shawna! Glozell and her sister, DeOnzell Green drives with GloZell’s husband, Kevin Simon to the hospital where Shawna is delivering the couples’ baby.

GloZell explains they were supposed to arrive three days before Shawna was induced. The phone rings and Shawna is having contractions and was dilated 2cm. Shawna is going into delivery a few days early, now GloZell, her husband and sister are on their way to Shawna’s house.

The next day, everyone makes it to San Ramon Regional Medical Center, including Steve, Shawna’s husband. After several hours, the fertility mentor, doctors and nurses decide to puncture the amniotic sac to speed up the delivery process.

Finally the baby is delivered and GloZell thanks Shawna and her husband Steve then turns to hug her husband.

glozell green baby girl
GloZell Green holding daughter, Ozell Gloriana de Green Simon for the first time. [Photos via Awestruck]

GloZell announces the name of the baby: Ozell Gloriana de Green Simon

The baby’s name is a family name—a combination of GloZell’s sister’s name, her grandfather’s name and husband’s name.

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