How To Create A YouTube Channel and 5 Biggest Mistakes New Vloggers Make!

how to start a youtube channel

How To Create A YouTube Channel

Ok, so you’ve decided you wanted to start vlogging and decided to create your very own YouTube account. Awesome! In this guide, we thought it was appropriate to discuss exactly how to set up a darn YouTube channel! Starting a channel actually isn’t difficult if you follow Family Vlogs step-by-step tutorial on how to create a YouTube channel for your family vlogs!

Family Vlogging is an incredible way to capture milestones in life and more; so-if you’re thinking about starting a vlog-this step here is the first phase in becoming a family vlogger.

The first step is actually setting up a YouTube channel, ok-here we go!

First-make sure you’re signed into your Google account (which is required). A google account is required because YouTube is owned by Google. After you’ve finished signing in YouTube via your Google account, you can begin!

Create A YouTube Channel

To start you must click on the thumbnail to continue setting up your account. Click on your account image (blue icon) with an outlined head and shoulders to open a drop down menu of “Creator Studio” tab. Next, select the YouTube settings gear icon. Next click on create a channel button.

Check the details (with your Google account name and photo) and confirm to create your new channel.

Create a YouTube channel for a Business

  1. Whether you are on a computer or on mobile device, make sure you’re signed in to your YouTube account.
  2. Go to All my channels.
  3. Want to make a YouTube channel for a Google+ page that you manage? Choose it there! Otherwise, choose Create a new channel to set up a channel with a different name than your Google account name.
  4. Create your new channel by completely filling out the requested details.

*Remember: Deleting your google account also means deleting all of Google’s services-including YouTube data. Therefore you’re comments, videos, subscriptions etc., will be deleted.

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This is the end of Family Vlogs simple tutorial on how to create a YouTube channel for the first time vloggers. Keep your lenses on the Family Vlogs tutorials section, as we’ll continue to create many more in-depth guides for YouTube customizations and settings. Have fun making amazing YouTube videos!

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