Jamie And Nikki Attend First Doctor Checkup For Baby!

jamie and nikki

Jamie and Nikki: ‘Baby Has a Strong Heartbeat’

Yaaaaaay! Jamie and Nikki uploaded a new video! They have to be one of my favorite couples turned family vloggers on YouTube! You can’t really go wrong with Jamie and Nikki-they have such a calming and soothing presence in this crazy vlogging world.

@4:46 Today Nikki goes to the hospital that she will be delivering her first child. In this clip-Nikki looks at the nurse like: “What are you doing? Don’t press too hard! I’m watching chuuuuuu.” Ha.

jamie and nikki perkins
NIkki Perkins getting checkup!

Nikki then discusses pregnancy symptoms including having a dark neck….from these symptoms she suspects she will be having a boy. Jamie comes in telling Nikki if their child is a boy-he will buy him his first pair of Jordan’s. Jamie then goes on to contemplate the color of their interracial child’s eyes, lol…I think EVERY interracial couple has had the “What if our baby comes out with blue eyes” talk, ha…Nikki was highly doubtful the child would come out with blue eyes and didn’t even seem to want to entertain the idea. The funny thing is-that’s the way the world works-because of Nikki’s doubt, the baby will probably come out with blue eyes!

Jamie and Nikki Go On Surprise Date!

Jamie is able to  “pull a few strings” to surprise Nikki with tickets to see “The Lion King.”

“I want you to get glammed up and feel beautiful because you are a very beautiful pregnant woman.”

jamie and nikki

The unquestionable love Jamie has for this Nikki is practically pours through the screen! The next day, Jamie goes to the city to catch up with his friend while Nikki does a make-up tutorial. The next few clips is a VERY cool interlude that displays the city.

jamie and nikki

Jamie has lunch with his friend, Adrian. After lunch, Jamie takes us to the bridge in which he and Nikki filmed the intro to their YouTube channel. Due to the new addition in their family, Jaimie asks everyone for suggestions to their new intro. After Jamie meets up with another friend, Allan before going home to reunite with a welcoming Nikki and their dog, Louie.

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