Nikki Perkins is SURPRISED By Family And Friends With BABY SHOWER!

jamie and nikki youtube
Nikki Perkins, blindfolded in car with good friend before heading into baby shower!

Australian vloggers, Jamie and Nikki Perkins tying all lose ends regarding their new house and continue to prepare for the arrival of their first child, Ava Sarah Perkins!

Jamie and Nikki are driving, discussing a mix-up during house hunting for their potential new home. Jamie and Nikki seem to be going for distinct and ultra modern to raise their first born. Jamie and Nikki go back to their car to eat before heading to house #3. While in the car, Nikki tells Jamie she suspects her friend is throwing her a baby shower.

jamie and nikki

  • Nikki’s friend Jen comes to pick her up for the “surprise” she has for her…Nikki wears white just in case it’s her baby shower.
  • Nikki says she’s not going to get her hopes up if it’s not her baby shower. Nikki says if it’s her baby shower, she wonders who will be there.

jamie and nikki baby shower

Nikki arrives to find her sister, international model-Duckie Thot and other close family and friends. The guests and Nikki play various baby shower games.

duckie thot

After, Nikki stays up and talks with Duckie late into the night. Nikki mentions she didn’t feel comfortable vlogging all night because she was a guests in someone else’s home.

jamie and nikki baby

The progression of Jamie and Nikki’s YouTube channel will be so interesting now that it’s not just the two of them and Louie. The new intro should be awesome!!

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