Jamie And Nikki Move Into NEW HOUSE, Reflect On BIG CHANGES To Come!

jamie and nikki

Jamie and Nikki Anticipate Big Changes To Come!

In todays vlog, Jamie and Nikki say goodbye to their old home and are finally moving into their new space! Jamie and Nikki seem to be very happy leaving this residence (as Jamie says “good riddance” and records the Tiger Snake in their front yard!). Jamie and Nikki Perkins are expecting their first daughter, Ava Perkins in January 2016!

jamie and nikki

Jamie gives viewers a never before seen look at the outside of their house and view from their balcony. Jamie explains they never shared these views in the vlogs due to maintaining security of where they lived while vlogging.

jamie and nikki

First time mom and model, Nikki Perkins says she’s tired from all the moving & packing and longs for the old days of drinking Redbull. Nikki continues clearing out all the drawers and waits for Jamie and his father to arrive to move things into the new place! After Jamie’s dad arrives, he helps the couple move into the new home where they will be raising their first child together.

jamie and nikki perkins

Jamie and Nikki drive to the new house where Jamie’s mom is with their dog, Louie. Nikki gives a house tour!

jamie and nikki

Jamie and Nikki stand on the balcony of their old place and discuss what they will miss; Jamie can’t help but to be sentimental regarding the move. Funny enough, more so than his pregnant wife! Nikki says she’s not so sure she will miss the old place. Jamie says he is excited for the move—but, sad to leave behind the memories they created together in the old home. Jamie gets sentimental remembering the late night talks, noting this is the home their baby was created, where they discovered Nikki was pregnant and found out the gender of the baby.

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