Jamie and Nikki: Nikki Perkins Models While Pregnant!

Jamie and Nikki

Nikki Perkins of YouTube Channel Jamie and Nikki is 16 weeks Pregnant and Modeling!

Nikki Perkins was contacted (via Instagram) by an old makeup artist friend to shoot a beauty campaign set to be released November 2015. At first Nikki was hesitant because of the pregnancy weight she’s put on-however, she decided to do it anyway!

@6:25 Regardless, it’s an amazing thing that she didn’t let insecurities stop her from being fabulous!

Nikki is FAR from being anywhere close to chubby and has a unique beauty that RIVALS Naomi Campbell!

Jamie and Nikki YouTube

Nikki and Jamie go to Nikki’s family’s home to visit her nephew.

[Image via Jamie and Nikki/YouTube/Pintrest and Instagram.]

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