Jamie and Nikki Answer Questions—Interracial Dating, How To Find Your Love Match & More!

jamie and nikki

Jamie and Nikki Answers Questions on Interracial Dating, Jamie Rejecting Nikki and More!

Jamie and Nikki Perkins sits down for a moment to discuss being in an interracial relationship, finding the right match for you and—Jamie rejecting Nikki?! Whaaaa?

Question: Is this your first interracial relationship?
Jaimie: I’ve dated around the rainbow—I don’t see color—I sound like such a man-whore.
Nikki: Admit it my love, you were such a man whore. Nikki goes on to say, “I don’t feel interracial because you’re so black…”
Jamie: And you’re so white!

Question: What is the set wedding date?
March 21st, 2013

Question: How have you dealt with negative experiences based on your interracial relationship?

Jamie: I’ve been in interracial relationships before, I have dated latin women—I dated asian girls—I’ve been with an African girl before and never experienced racism.

Nikki: really? You’ve never had people come up to the street to you like they do to us?

Jamie: We have random people come up to us who tell us how good we look together—who haven’t seen out YouTube videos. Unfortunately we do get some negative feedback as well based on our color difference. It really does baffle me.

Nikki: Their just ignorant people. They say these things because they want to get reaction out of you.

Jamie: It seems to ignore them more when they see us happy together. Love us or hate us—it’s your issue not ours.

jamie and nikki

Question: Nikki you are gorgeous, how did you get into modeling?

Nikki: I was shopping at the mall with a friend and this guy from an agency asked me if Ive done modeling before. I went home and did my research. Ask reviews guys because you never know who these photographers are. I went into the agency, they called me in for my first test shoot.

Jamie: Her first ever photoshoot became like a magazine cover. Her whole shoot went into a magazine.

Question:  In your opinion what’s your best relationship advice?

Jamie: Trust and honesty are the biggest things that make our relationship work—we’re completely open and honest with one another. A lot of guys are gonna hate on me for saying this—I think mobile phones and social networking can be an evil in relationships so we have the passwords on each others phones. We don’t go through each others messages because we have the trust so we don’t need to. Nikki’s on my facebook more than I am. I’m pretty cool with that because I have nothing to hide. I feel really secure knowing you don’t hide things from me and you have no way to hide things from me if you wanted to. We’re not trying to catch each other out—trying to play all these games.

Make sure you’re right for one another. I’ve been in bad relationship before this——it’s all about finding that person who is meant for you as well.

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Question: How did you know that he was a “keeper”?

Nikki: Well, the 2nd time around…I knew you were a keeper the 1st time around, you didn’t know I was a keeper the 1st time around. I don’t know if there was a certain moment I knew—I just think I knew from the get go. I could talk to you about anything, how you always listened to me when I talked about Sarah. (Sarah has epilepsy and is severely disabled. Sarah cannot walk or talk and was in a wheel chair). Jamie reveals he has a younger foster brother who is also disabled. Nikki asks Jamie how he knew she was the one.

Jamie: I was young and you were so perfect—I knew if we got serious the first time around that would be it. I got freaked. I wish I would’ve been more mature. It took me years to try to get her back. It took a long time to get her back.

Jamie goes on to discuss how he took Nikki on a mountain cruise, saying they were going around the corner and the car spun around and nearly threw them off a cliff. Jamie says Nikki’s first reaction was “Babe, are you ok?” and Jamie says he cares more about him and her car and so he knew not to let her go.

Question: If there is a disagreement who says “Sorry” first?

Jamie: We have this agreement that we never go to bed angry at one another. Jamie discusses how they live 1 hour and half away and 5 months they will be living together once they are married!

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