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jamie and nikki

Jamie And Nikki Attend First Doctor Checkup For Baby!

Jamie and Nikki: 'Baby Has a Strong Heartbeat' Yaaaaaay! Jamie and Nikki uploaded a new video! They have to be one of my favorite couples...
Jamie and Nikki

Jamie And Nikki Perkins Brunch Date, Cute Convos With New Daddy

Jamie and Nikki Perkins Have Adorable Lunch Date! Nikki meets with the guidance counselor of her nursing program to discuss options of returning to school...
Jamie and Nikki Perkins new baby

Jamie And Nikki Perkins Announce Second Pregnancy!

Jamie and Nikki Perkins have finally announced the upcoming arrival of their second child! In the video, baby Ava played with a chalkboard and...
jamie and nikki racism

Jamie And Nikki React To RACIST COMMENTS Posted On Their Instagram Account!

Nikki Perkins of Jamie and Nikki posted a disturbing vlog of Nikki Perkins upset and crying due to being harassed online for the color of her...
jamie and nikki

Jamie and Nikki Answer Questions—Interracial Dating, How To Find Your Love Match & More!

Jamie and Nikki Answers Questions on Interracial Dating, Jamie Rejecting Nikki and More! Jamie and Nikki Perkins sits down for a moment to discuss being in...
jamie and nikki

Jamie & Nikki Perkins EPIC LA Meetup & Attend #YouTubeBLACK Event!

Jamie and Nikki Perkins—EPIC LA Meetup with Top Vloggers Australian vloggers, Jamie and Nikki Perkins had an incredible meet up with tons top YouTubers and...
jamie and nikki

Jamie and Nikki Perkins Creates New Pregnancy Channel!

Nikki Perkins finally has created her own YouTube channel; a channel to document the pregnancy of her first born child due January 18th, 2016. Nikki...
jamie and nikki

YouTube Vlogger NIKKI PERKINS Reveal ModelRocks Campaign!

Jamie and Nikki, Stuns in New MODELROCKS Liquid Makeup Beauty Campaign! Nikki Perkins vlogged behind the scenes footage of a secret beauty campaign she participated in-while pregnant...
nikki perkins ava sarah perkins


Jamie and Nikki Perkins Wonderfully Executed Birth Vlog Australian vloggers Jamie and Nikki uploaded an incredible birth vlog to YouTube. The vlog was topped with great editing...
nikki perkins

NIKKI PERKINS 32-Weeks-Pregnant In Trendy Fall Inspired Wrap Dress!

Nikki Perkins of Jamie and Nikki YouTube Channel is 32 Weeks Pregnant in Trendy Neutral Fall Wrap Dress Nikki Perkins of Jamie and Nikki YouTube...


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