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Jamie and Nikki Perkins YouTube Channel news, fashion, photos & family updates!

jamie and nikki

Jamie and Nikki Perkins Say “I Do” In Summer Wedding Ceremony!

Jamie and Nikki Perkins uploaded a wedding vlog on May 9th, 2014 to document the day they were married. The vlog begins with Nikki...
jamie and nikki

Jamie and Nikki YouTube Vloggers Reveal Baby Name!

Jamie and Nikki Reveals Name of Baby! Jamie and Nikki Perkins just revealed the name of their first baby during their nursery room tour! During the...
Jamie and Nikki

Family Vlogger Nikki Perkins Stylish Maternity Fashion!

Nikki Perkins of Jamie and Nikki posts a gorgeous photo of herself on Instagram in all her pregnant glory! Want News and Updates on YouTubers...
jamie and nikki

Jamie and Nikki YouTube Channel Featuring Old Wives Tales and Gender Predictions!

After one week of having her own YouTube channel, Nikki Perkins has currently amassed more than 48,000 subscribers!  NIkki has been getting a lot...
jamie and nikki

Jamie & Nikki Perkins EPIC LA Meetup & Attend #YouTubeBLACK Event!

Jamie and Nikki Perkins—EPIC LA Meetup with Top Vloggers Australian vloggers, Jamie and Nikki Perkins had an incredible meet up with tons top YouTubers and...
Duckie Thot 'Jamie and Nikki Perkins'

Nikki Perkins’ Sister, Duckie Thot, Dishes On Her Skin Care Routine

Duckie Thot is the youngest sister of the family vlogger, Nikki Perkins. Nikki hails from the YouTube channel, ‘Jaimie & Nikki.’ Duckie Thot took...
jamie and nikki youtube

Nikki Perkins is SURPRISED By Family And Friends With BABY SHOWER!

Australian vloggers, Jamie and Nikki Perkins tying all lose ends regarding their new house and continue to prepare for the arrival of their first...
nikki perkins

NIKKI PERKINS 32-Weeks-Pregnant In Trendy Fall Inspired Wrap Dress!

Nikki Perkins of Jamie and Nikki YouTube Channel is 32 Weeks Pregnant in Trendy Neutral Fall Wrap Dress Nikki Perkins of Jamie and Nikki YouTube...
Jamie and Nikki Perkins new baby

Jamie And Nikki Perkins Announce Second Pregnancy!

Jamie and Nikki Perkins have finally announced the upcoming arrival of their second child! In the video, baby Ava played with a chalkboard and...
did jamie and nikki have baby

YouTuber Nikki Perkins 18 Weeks Pregnant and Having Pregnancy Cravings!

Nikki Perkins of Jamie and Nikki is now 18 Weeks Pregnant with First Child Jamie and Nikki Perkins is now 18 weeks pregnant with their first child...


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