Jason Nash Reacts To Trisha Paytas’ Breakup Video! ‘I Never Called Her Fat’

Jason Nash reacts to Trisha Paytas breakup video!

Jason Nash uploaded a video responding to Trisha Paytas‘ “we broke up because I’m fat” video. On multiple occasions in the video, Jason emphasized that he never called Trisha “fat” nor would he ever call her fat.

Jason said that they were meeting with someone from E! when someone said something with the word “wait” in it to the couple and Nash quipped, “Yah, we are overweight…”. Nash said that Trisha didn’t like that and although he apologized several times — Trish wouldn’t let it go.

Jason said that he wanted to be funny at the moment and it was simply a joke. Jason also said that he feels bad for Trisha… and for himself.

Jason Nash responds to Trisha Paytas breakup video
Jason Nash reacts to Trisha Paytas’ ‘We Broke Up Because I’m Too Fat’ video.

“I feel awful for her. I feel horrible. I’m really bad for her and I’m really sad for me.”

Nash also complimented Paytas and said that she was the best sex he’s ever had and the prettiest girl that he’s ever dated.

“Best sex I’ve ever had – Trisha… the prettiest girl I’ve ever had –Trisha.”

Jason said that he doesn’t have a type when it comes to women. Nash said that Trisha is way out of his leave -“I’m 45-years-old, she’s 30.”

Overall, Jason said that he loves Trisha and will always love her. Jason also said that he’s there for Trisha if she wants to talk — but she’s not something that can be “spoken to or reasoned with… or at least I can’t reason with her.”

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Nash said it’s “fine” if Trisha’s loyal fans want to disagree with their breakup but he maintains that he’s a good person and that he loved Trisha.

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