Jeffree Star Sends Supportive Tweet Amid Trisha Paytas And Jason Nash Breakup

Jeffree Star tweets out to Trisha Paytas after breakup

Trisha Paytas uploaded a vlog titled, “we broke up because I’m too fat” and revealed to viewers that she broke up with Jason Nash because he joked in an interview that he and Trisha were fatter than most travel vloggers. The “I Love You Jesus” singer said that she’s disgusted with how she looks and feels.

Jeffree Star, the founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, tweeted that if a man loves you, then the only thing he’d want to change is “your last name.” Many on social media presumed star was referring to Trisha Paytas’ massively viral breakup video.

In Trisha’s breakup video, she explained that she and Jason were going to do a reality show together and were being interviewed next to another group of travel vlogger couples. The YouTube vet said that she talked to Jason about it later that night — but he didn’t see it as a big deal.

Jeffree Star and Trisha recently collaborated on a $10,000 Gucci Purse unboxing and Taco Bell mukbang.

Trisha said that being called fat is a major trigger and that she gets a lot of “fat comments” on social media. Paytas said that everyone knows that her weight is an insecurity (although it is something that she has embraced over the years).

Trisha revealed that she and Jason had fights about food and healthy eating last week and that made her not want to eat in front of him for a week.


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