Kaelin And Kyrah Reflect On Their First Month As Parents

Kaelin and Kyrah son Karter

Kaelin and Kyrah uploaded a video sharing their thoughts and experiences on their first month being parents. Kaelin and Kyrah recently welcomed a little boy named Karter into the world. In their vlog, “One Month With A Newborn – How We Have Grown,” Kaelin, 21, said that he never expected to cry during Karter’s birth.

In fact, Kaelin said that he told everyone that he would not cry. However, the new dad said that once he saw his son, he was so overwhelmed with emotion that he couldn’t help but shed some tears.

my heart is melting

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Kaelin said that it was such a huge transition to becoming a parent because they know Karter is a part of them and feel proud to have created a living being. Kaelin said that Karter looks like him and Kyrah, 20, said that she doesn’t realize how much her son looks like Kaelin until she takes photos.

Kaelin said that they are pros at changing diapers and that’s funny considering Kaelin was so hesitant to deal with before their baby was born.

Kyrah said that she wished that she was better prepared for the lack of sleep. Edwards said that she never realized babies had different sleep schedules than adults. Kyrah said that she wished she would have prepared better for that part of parenthood.

Karter obviously didn’t get the memo to fake asleep

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Kaelin said that he and Kyrah sacrificed processing their emotions of having a new baby to document the experience. Kaelin and Kyrah said that they were daily vlogging their raw emotions.

Kaelin said that they need to be content with the season of parenting that they are in. The couple said that they get tons of advice from family, friends, and thousands across social media, but they are confident that as a team, they can figure out how to raise their son together. Kyrah noted that she and Kaelin first met in the seventh grade and have done everything in their adult life together.

Kyrah and Kaelin first started dating when they were 13-years-old, broke up after being together for three months and then rekindled their relationship in high school.

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