Karina Garcia Is Engaged To Boyfriend Of Five Years!

Karina Garcia is engaged to Raul

Karina Garcia, 24, announced her engagement news to her fans via Instagram and followed up with a YouTube video titled, “SURPRISE MARRIAGE PROPOSAL! OUR 5 YEAR LOVE STORY <3”. Raul, 27, proposed to Karina on Valentines Day.

Karina and Raul went out on a date on Valentine’s day and later on that night (around 11:00 pm), Garcia was surprised with a romantic marriage proposal from Raul as she was surrounded by friends, family, and a live band.

Karina and Raul dated for five years before they became engaged.

Karina sat down with viewers in her kitchen (where she makes slime) to answer questions that fans had about her relationship and engagement.

Karina said that her wedding will be private in terms of her friends and family are invited — but, she will share photos and vlogs.

Karina and Raul met on Myspace. Garcia said that she met him 10 years ago, but stopped talking for several years because she was dating someone else. Karina said that they knew one day they would get married but they didn’t know when it would happen.

Karina wants a crystal them “white and a bunch of shiny stuff, crystals, diamonds.” Garcia said that she wants an elegant theme wedding.

Karina said that she did want kids but when asked if she had a baby girl or boy — what would she name her child, Karina said that she has never thought of baby names before and think that is something she would have a better idea of when she’s pregnant.

However, Karina said that she wants a baby name that her family can pronounce because they are Hispanic and she doesn’t want a name that her mother can’t pronounce.

Karina Garcia slime kitchen
Karina Garcia sat down in the kitchen where she makes slime to answer questions from viewers about her engagement.

In terms of cooking, Garcia said that both she and her fiance enjoy cooking together.

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Garcia has displayed her slime talents on The Ellen Degeneres Show and Megyn Kelly Today.

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