LaToya Forever–GENDER REVEAL Party for Second Baby!

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LaToya Forever Gender Reveal of Second Child and Vlogmas Information!

LaToya Forever is ready to vlog every single day for the entire month of December for Vlogmas! Not only that, LaToya and Adam Ali are finally ready to reveal the gender of her second child to viewers!

LaToya’s bestie, Rochelle helped LaToya decorate and bake the cupcakes for for the gender reveal party.

LaToya Forever

latoya forever

During the gender reveal, LaToya tells guests to bite into the pink and blue cupcakes-inside one of the cupcakes is the gender reveal color!


The guest take big bites into the cupcakes to reveal the color BLUE on the inside! LaToya’s having a BOY!

latoya forever gender reveal
Adam Ali of LaToya’s Life.

Adam seems to be very proud! LaToya is happy too, saying she got the “best of both world’s” and jokingly says she can now tie her tubes!latoya forever

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