LaToya Forever: How To Earn MONEY On YouTube!

Successful YouTube Vlogger LaToya Forever Reveals How To Earn Money on YouTube

Making money from YouTube is something many have wondered how to do. Successful YouTube vlogger, LaToya Forever of LaToya’s Life reveals her secrets in her e-book, How To Become a YouTube Sensation ($9.99). Currently, LaToya Forever has 1.2 million subscribers including both YouTube channels (Latoya’s Life/LaToya Forever).

LaToya’s YouTube stardom has brought her print and on screen success. In November 2012, LaToya was host for VIBE TV during the American Music Awards. LaToya interviewed a number of celebrities including, J Cole and Destorm Power.

Making Money on YouTube Video Highlights:

LaToya explains how YouTubers get paid via an example: @3:15

LaToya’s YouTube Earnings Example:
In the month of June if you receive $10 for every 1,000 views
In June you 3 million views
Divide 3 million by 1,000=3,000
3,000×10=$30,000 for the month of June
YouTube takes around 45%

YouTube Earnings Total: $16,500

Additional YouTuber Tips from LaToya Forever

  • Takes dedication, consistency and hard work
  • LaToya jokes she would become a housewife if she wasn’t a YouTuber

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