LaToya Forever Reveals SECOND PREGNANCY in Surprise Vlog!

latoyas life
LaToya's daughter, Samia-reveals LaToya's second pregnancy!

YouTube Vlogger, LaToya Ali Reveals Second Pregnancy in Surprise Vlog!

LaToya Forever revealed to viewers she was pregnant with her second child. LaToya and Adam Ali have one daughter, Samia. The pregnancy reveal of Samia-along with Samia’s labor and delivery was vlogged on her YouTube channel, LaToya’s Life. LaToya’s pregnancy is revealed through her first daughter, Samia. A special package sits outside of Samia after the doorbell rings. They open Samia open the gift together to find a bunch of onesies.

latoya forever latoyas life

latoya forever

Samia also reveals LaToya’s pregnancy with her “big sister t-shirts”.

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