LaToya Forever—New RANGE ROVER Used In Music Video Shoot—Gets TOWED!

latoya forever

PJ Gets LaToya’s New Range Rover Towed!

LaToya Ali of LaToya Forever YouTube channel uploaded a vlog entitled, “THEY F*CKED MY CAR UP!”. The vlog begins with LaToya in the car with Rochelle discussing the ruined Baby Gender Reveal. They drop the children off at daycare and go shopping. Back at LaToya and Adam’s house—LaToya and Rochelle start decorating LaToya’s kitchen for the gender reveal.

latoya forever

LaToya loaned her Range Rover to her brother and PJ to use for a music video shoot and get this—he gets her brand new Range Rover stuck in the mud!

latoya forever

PJ and LaToya’s brother says there are 3-4 tow trucks digging the Range Rover out the mud. LaToya then goes over to a car and starts yelling,

“Take your son! Take your son! WHY do I have him? Man up and take your son!”

In the car with Adam, LaToya tells him,

“I want him out of my house TODAY!” and goes on to say, “I’m the bad guy, I’m trying to help them—helping them with music videos, giving them camera’s, helping them with YouTube, giving them my car to make music videos! Why do I have him? He has a dad and mom! I have my own life, my own family! Cause all they do is bring stress on me and I’m pregnant! I can’t take it, I want them out of my sh*t!.”

latoya forever

LaToya and Adam see footage of PJ and his friends laughing after the car was stuck in the mud. The vlog footage then cuts to LaToya and Adam going to a car wash where the Range Rover was towed.

latoya forever

PJ and his friends decided they would wash the car so it wouldn’t look so bad. LaToya becomes irate with them joking around and gives them a piece of her mind!

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