LaToya Forever Welcomes First Son, ZAYN ALI!

latoya forever

LaToya Forever’s Beautiful LABOR & DELIVERY Vlog!

LaToya Forever’s labor and deliver vlog is FINALLY HERE! The vlog begins with Adam Ali driving to New York for work. LaToya and Adam assume all will be ok—however, when Adam arrives at the airport—LaToya calls telling Adam she’s going into labor! At the airport, Adam has his friend, @KySean_Kellz picks Adam up to go back home to LaToya.

The next shot is of Adam and LaToya driving to the hospital to deliver their first son! LaToya is going to a hospital that allows women to have water births! LaToya worries about not being able to have an epidural because she’s having a water birth.

latoya forever

In the hospital, LaToya and Adam await their son! LaToya’s friend, @StasiaCarter is present giving support. Auntie Jilian isn’t present—she’s dropping their daughter, Samia Ali off at daycare. After some time—Adam begins to come to the realization that he will be holding his son for the first time. Adam hilariously mentions,

“I can’t watch him come out…BUT! I’ll watch him grow up!”

And with seconds, Adam is making the announcement of the birth of their son, Zayn Ali!

A clip of YouTuber, Lilly Singh aka IISuperwomanII (also from Canada), America’s Next Top Model @WinnieHarlow (Instagram), Judy and Benji Travis of itsJudysLife,  encouraging and congratulating LaToya on the birth of her son, Zayn! The entire delivery was a quick 2 hours. LaToya’s best friend, Ayanna (of SeeAyanna YouTube) channel) comes to see baby Zayn! Many can agree on the fact that baby Zayn looks just like his dad, Adam!

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