LaToya’s Life: LaToyaForever And Husband, Adam Ali, Attend Beautycon In NYC

LaToya Forever husband Adam

LaToya Forever and her husband, Adam Ali, travel to Beautycon NYC! Adam and LaToya were happy to arrive in NYC because their biggest following across all social media platforms is in New York.

The couple said that they are going to Paris Hilton‘s club so they’ll try to sneak ina vlog of Paris. LaToya actually snapped some clips of Paris when the former Simple Life star joined her on her Snapchat.

Next, LaToya met up with fans in a meet and greet. Finally, the couple made it to Beautycon NY‘s event.

Beautycon brings a diverse group of content creators, celebrities, fans, and brands together.

In 2012, the Canadian-Trinidadian vlogger was the official Vibe TV host at the American Music Awards. On November 8, 2016, Ali debuted an autobiography titled LaToya’s Life: Uncut Mishaps of a YouTube Star.

LaToya posted a photo on Instagram and revealed that had shed 45-pounds since the birth of her son. The vlogger said that she was inspired through her fitness journey to create a 30-day fitness program with her husband, Adam, called, “She’s Tough.”

LaToya’s fitness program claims that anyone can work out in the convenience of their home. According to the website, She’s Tough is recommended for women who want an “easy to follow, motivational, quick and efficient fitness plan that works.”

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