The LaVigne Life–Jerry and Dee LaVigne Emotional Goodbye To Old Apartment!

The LaVigne Life

Jerry and Dee LaVigne Reminisce In Old Apartment and Prepare to Move Into New House!

Jerry and Dee LaVigne creators of The LaVigne Life YouTube channel have been planning to move out of their apartment and into their new house for months! Dee and Jerry are pack up and spend one last night in the apartment. Jerry and Dee are a little emotional after a long day of packing and furniture moving. This will be their last vlog in the apartment and they will be taking a short break to move, get things into the new house and rest. Jerry and Dee’s children are with their grandmother so they can continue to pack. The couple sits and reminisce on the milestones reached in the New Orleans home.

the lavigne life

Jerry considers the apartment home because their children–son, Jerry III (J3) and daughter, Jordan (Jojo) created all of their memories there. Jerry says all of the hard work, ups and downs of their relationship, Dee graduating from college and other milestones have happened and vlogged while living in that apartment.

the lavigne life

Dee says she didn’t think she would be so emotional—she just wants the move to go smoothly and for everyone to be safe. The viewers have been asking and the next vlog will in fact be the LaVigne’s house tour.

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