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trisha paytas

TRISHA PAYTAS Reveals Issues With Infertility & Time In Sex Industry

Trisha Paytas Reveals Issues With Infertility & Time In Sex Industry YouTube veteran, Trisha Paytas reveals details on her time in the sex industry and infertility...
msnaz2you nastascia riley

MsNaz2you Full Chart of Family ILLNESSES, ACCIDENTS and EMERGENCIES!

MsNaz2you "Works in Medical Field"-Ironically Has Highest Number of Family Illnesses Amongst YouTube  Family Vloggers Due to Nas deleting/making vlogs private-I decided to throw together a full reference...

MsNaz2you: Infant Son Max HIT By Sister, Chips Gums and BLEEDS!

MsNaz2you: Max Chips His Gums-Forced to Eat Green Pepper While Mom Feasts on Chinese Due to the intended confusion and deleting of vlogs of MsNaz2you's YouTube...
daily bumps

Missy Lanning of Daily Bumps Vlogging with PUPPS Skin Rash!

Daily Bumps' Missy Lanning Gets PUPPS Skin Rash While 38-Weeks-Pregnant Today vloggers Bryan and Missy Lanning meet their midwife and ask about a red, welted rash that appeared on Missy's...
ice t wife coco

Ice T’s Wife CoCo Has a Pregnancy Blog on E! Online

Whoa... So, Ice-T's wife, Coco is pregnant with a baby girl she will name Chanel. According to CoCo, only "unhealthy women have morning sickness". Coco...


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