the lavigne life

Jerry and Dee LaVigne of The LaVigne Life—Arizona House Tour!

Jerry and Dee LaVigne of Lavigne Life YouTube Channel Move Into New Home! It’s been a super long journey for Jerry and Dee Lavigne but—they...
Duckie Thot 'Jamie and Nikki Perkins'

Nikki Perkins’ Sister, Duckie Thot, Dishes On Her Skin Care Routine

Duckie Thot is the youngest sister of the family vlogger, Nikki Perkins. Nikki hails from the YouTube channel, ‘Jaimie & Nikki.’ Duckie Thot took...
sazan hendrix

SAZAN HENDRIX Has Baby Fever, Husband Surprises Her With Puppy, Says It’s “Baby Guard”!

Sazan Barzani Surprised By Adorable Puppy--No More Baby Fever? The gorgeous and trendy, vlogging couple Sazan and Steve Hendrix, uploaded a vlog of Steve surprising...

TODAY Health & Fitness Article On Shay Carl and Gavin Butler’s FITNESS JOURNEY! Article Shay Carl and Gavin Butler Fitness Journey! Shay Carl and Son, Gavin Butler of Shaytards YouTube channel had an article written about them...

Charles Trippy Surprises Girlfriend, Allie with 1,000 Long Stemmed Roses!

Charles Trippy uploaded a vlog to his YouTube channel, CFTxC entitled—“Surprising Girlfriend With 1,000 Roses”! Charles surprises girlfriend, Allie Wesenberg with 1,000 long stemmed...


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