MATTHEW SANTORO Attends Grand Opening of YouTubeSpace In Toronto + DIAMOND Play Button Awarded to WatchMojo!

lilly singh

Matthew Santoro Attends YouTubeSpace Toronto Grand Opening!

Matthew Santoro received a private invite to the launch of YouTubeSpace in Toronto, Canada and vlogs the experience! Google has finally opened YouTube Space in Toronto, aka #YouTubeSpaceTO! This space is available to YouTubers with over 10,000 subscribers—they will have access to two studio spaces. This includes loner production equipment (lights, microphones and rotation sets). A ready set, a set up for the virtual reality room and a room for 360 degree video. The 3,500 facility is intended for YouTube personalities to create content and collaborate. Canadian YouTubers who are just beginning their channel will attend events, workshops and share ideas, tips and tricks to get the most out of their YouTube channel.


First, Matthew tours the virtual reality room and makes his way to the ready set which includes a green screen. Matthew then scans the walls, showing popular Canadian YouTubers. Several speakers give speeches including YouTuber, Lilly Singh aka iiSuperwomanII who is originally from Toronto, Canada!youtube space Toronto

Lilly says,

 “I really believe in the creators from this city. Not just from Toronto, but from Canada as well. Trust me I know the struggle of being a Canadian creator. Well, nobody knows who I am—and, everybody tells me to “Get a real job”…since I started 6 years ago, YouTube has changed so much—in my life and as a platform as general. When I started, no one knew about YouTube on the internet….You really, truly are the future. People’s faces are on the billboards…This space is amazing, use it for everything you can. For everyone whose ever said, “Get a job! This isn’t valid”. Dude, use these tools and prove them wrong because you guys are gonna be the future.”

More YouTube representatives came to speak and give out YouTube Play Buttons. The 25 lbs Diamond Play Button was presented to creator,  Ashkan Karbasfrooshan of WatchMojo YouTube channel which currently has 11 million subscribers!

diamond play button

Matthew interviews Karbasfrooshan, who says,

“Honestly, I feel this is a result of hard work, sacrifice and persistence.”

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