Liza Koshy Talks David Dobrik Breakup At MTV Movie & TV Awards

Liza Koshy talks breakup with David Dobrik

David Dobrik uploaded “We Broke Up” onto his YouTube channel in which he and longtime girlfriend, Liza Koshy announce the decision to separate. The video was filled with tears and laughter as the pair discussed their mutual decision to split. Liza, 21, and David, 22, revealed that the split actually occurred six months ago. On Wednesday afternoon, Liza and David’s video was one of the top trending videos on YouTube.

Koshy opened up about her breakup with David Dobrik at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

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“We’re still best friends… To maintain that healthy relationship — I just hope is an example for other relationships — younger or older — that you can be friends, that you can be healthy, and that you can end things because of time…. time isn’t always on our side, but when it is — it feels right.”

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Since uploading their heart-tugging video, Liza and David have received a ton of encouraging and supportive responses from close friends, family, and followers across social media. Koshy said that she was shocked and honored that so many people care about her life, her well-being, and happiness.

Liza Koshy is known for her hilarious skits and going to stores and causing mischief which is often improvised. Dobrik is also popular on YouTube thanks to tons of funny vlogs. David has several vlogs which document his relationship with Koshy. The couple totals over 21 million subscribers between their combined YouTube channels.

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