Liza Koshy And David Dobrik Call It Quits! ‘We Broke Up’

Liza Koshy and David Dobrik YouTube

David Dobrik uploaded “We Broke Up” onto his YouTube channel in which he and longtime girlfriend and BFF, Liza Koshy announce the decision to separate. The video was filled with both tears and laughter as the pair discussed their split. Liza, 21, and David, 22, revealed that the split actually occurred 6 months ago. On Wednesday afternoon, Liza and David’s video was one of the top trending videos on YouTube.

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Liza Koshy is known for her hilarious skits and going to stores and causing mischief which is often improvised. Dobrik is also popular on YouTube thanks to tons of funny vlogs. David has several vlogs which feature his relationship with Koshy. Between Liza and David’s YouTube channels combined, the couple totals over 21 million subscribers. With these numbers, Koshy and Dobrik can be considered a major power couple on the platform.

Liza Koshy and David Dobrik break up

Fans of Liza and David were pretty shocked because they continued to upload videos the entire time. It was only two weeks ago that David bought Liza a puppy. In the video prior to that, David brings Liza a monkey.

In the beginning of the video, Dobrik jokingly said that Liza cheated on him. David said that it was better for him and Liza to be apart and it wasn’t healthy for them to continue to be together.

“All jokes aside, we are broken up… Liza broke up with me 6 months ago.”

Koshy and David said that their relationship had become “distant” because they were so busy. David said that he had similar feelings as Liza but never had “the balls to kind of pull the trigger” on that and say, “Hey, we should take a little bit of a break.”

Koshy said that she and Dobrick felt as if they were living separate lives and that neither of them wanted to come to terms to that fact. Liza and David were both thankful for the support they have received from friends and fans.

David said the love that he has felt in the last two years with Liza has been incredibly comforting and motivating. The YouTuber said that he is thankful for all of the love and support he has received from the community.

On June 5, Liza posted a photo on Instagram about the couple’s decision to break up and the aftermath. Koshy said that breaking up is tough, but she’s happy to go through the difficult process with her best friend.

Alissa Violet said that Dobrik and Koshy handled the situation “so beautifully.”

As Liza said, breakups can be difficult. However, the process is achievable.

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