MEET THE NULLS: Grayson and Elyse Null, Family Members of The Nive Nulls Are Having a Baby!

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Grayson and Elyse Null uploaded a vlog entitled, “Chapter 2” to their YouTube channel, Meet The Nulls. Grayson is the older brother of Austin Null, 5+ year YouTube veteran and creator of the YouTube channel, The Nive Nulls. Grayson and wife, Elyse live in California—where Grayson is an IT professional and Elyse is a teacher.

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Elyse Null is a former Olympic Athlete, who went under her maiden name, Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs while a professional gymnast in Canada. The couple met, married and now live in California. This will be the first child for the couple.

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Grayson and Elyse begin the 43 minute vlog in the bathroom, praying together about the new journey ahead. Elyse and Grayson prepare to take and find the results of the pregnancy test together. Elyse is extremely nervous but says it’s not a big deal if the test comes out negative because they’ve only been trying for a few months. Elyse says she’s been nauseous for a week straight and decided to get a pregnancy test with Grayson. However, it was to early to take the pregnancy test.

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Elyse Null nervous for pregnancy test results. [Photo via YouTube/Meet The Nulls]

Elyse and Grayson check the timer. Elyse is nervous to go to the bathroom to check the test. Grayson says he’s nervous but trying to be extremely calm for Elyse. They try to decide how their going to see the results of the test—go in the bathroom together? Who looks first? etc., Grayson simply gets the test, places it on the table not looking. Grayson and Elyse decide to look at the test together after counting to three!

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Grayson and Elyse Null discover pregnancy test results. [Photo via YouTube/Meet The Nulls]

The couple stands with one another in complete shock, checking the test several times. They mention they will have to keep the news to themselves for a few months—so this vlog was recorded early April 2016. Elyse laughs and starts jumping around, happy she doesn’t have to get a job. Elyse and Grayson discuss “knowing” of being pregnant in the past few weeks, due to Elyse being nauseous. Elyse says, “It’s the Littlest Null baby” to which Grayson turns the camera onto himself and says, “Look out Maddox, we’re coming for you.” Maddox Null is Grayson’s nephew, the youngest child of Austin and Brittany Null (The Nive Nulls), born in October of 2015.

They take a second pregnancy test which turned out to be positive in a couple of seconds. The vlog continues to document Elyse’s very first doctor’s appointment (at 6 weeks) and receiving their first ultrasound photo.

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