Monami Frost On ‘Frost Streetwear’ And Why She Opts For Relaxed Threads

Monami Frost talks Frost Streetwear

Vegan vlogger, Monami Frost, discusses her clothing line, Frost Streetwear. Monami’s love of streetwear is how the edgy clothing line evolved.

“I wanted to show that you can take on the world just wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants.”

Monami’s style is pretty relaxed as she opts for oversized men’s clothing and keep the color scheme monotone or muted, according to Vegan Life.

“Mixing some glam with the streetwear. I’m not even sure if that is unique or just a whole mush of things.”

With Frost Streetwear, Monami was involved in all aspects of development form design, packaging and shooting the products to place on social media.

The UK vlogger said that when she decided that she wanted to move to England, she was looking for a flight and there were only two destinations: London and Liverpool. Monami said that she figured London would be too wild for her so she went for Liverpool.

Monami said that she had never lived abroad, she had jumped on a plane and suddenly she was in another country. Monami was 16-years-old when she took the leap. Her daughter, Gabby, was seven-months-old.

“When we moved over we had no friends around and nobody that could help figure out all the basics you need to live in England. But somehow I managed. I always looked at the bright side and just kept moving forward.”


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“My husband is my favorite artist. I am so lucky to have him tattoo me. I feel like his canvas; his painting in progress.”

Frost is very close to her family –especially her daughter, who she gave birth to when she was only 15-years-old. Monami has definitely been through hardships of her own Frost became pregnant with her daughter Gabby while living in Latvia. Ironically, Monami found out she was pregnant on April Fools Day in 2009. In her vlog, Manomi said that she was terrified and frightened all the while she cried and laughed.

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