MONAMI FROST Reveals How She Met Her Husband, HENRY!

monami frost husband

Monami Frost uploaded a vlog entitled, “How we met/Husband Tag” to her YouTube channel! Tons of viewers have wondered how the unique tattooed duo found one another and Monami answers it all.

This is the first time Monami’s husband is on camera so he’s a little shy. Monami says they met when she was living in Latvia. Monami says she and her husband lived 5 minutes from one another–yet, never met or knew who the other was.

Love this man with every fiber of my being ? ??

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Monami reveals that her husband is not Gabriella’s biological father, but her stepfather. Monami says the couple met 4 years ago in London through mutual friends. Many of Monami’s friends tried to “talk him up” to Monami–then a couple of months later, he messages Monami online.

A couple months later, Monami broke up with Gabriella’s father–she remembered Henry online and decided to contact him again. Monami and Henry spoke online and on the phone all day–she says they were pretty much head over heels for one another in the short days they spoke. They Skyped and met a couple of weeks later. Monami says it was “love at first sight.” Monami says she saw him at nearly fell–as her life passed before her eyes, she then realized “love at first sight” is real.

Henry says he was so nervous he couldn’t eat for the entire day before meeting Monami.

Monami says her friends told her not to break up with Gabriella’s father–No one could understand how Monami as a young, tattooed teenage mother could find another man suitable for her daughter.

Monami says on their first date, they told one another they were going to marry one another. So, 4-6 months later they got married. Monami says Henry has been the best dad to Gabriella and Monami feels like the luckiest girl ever.

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