Monami Frost Reveals Daughter Gabby Was Born With ‘Guts Outside Her Body’ Due To Gastroschisis

Monami Frost daughter Gabriella born with guts out

Monami Frost uploaded a video titled, “My Daughter Was Born With Her GUTS OUT/ Survival Story” and revealed that Gabby was born with her “guts outside her body” after being diagnosed with Gastroschisis inside the womb. This birth defect made Gabby have to have at least THREE surgeries when she was only a few days old.

After Gabby’s multiple surgeries, she developed an infection which the doctors didn’t think she would make it through. Monami was on her way to the hospital when the doctors were ready to shut off life support for Gabby! They told Monami that right when they were going to cut off Gabby’s life support, her heart rate shot up! The doctors told Monami that Gabby was the first baby that they have seen that really wanted to “fight for their life and wanted to live.” In a few days Gabby was out the intensive care unit and she just got better and better.

Gastroschisis is a birth defect in a baby when the intestines are found outside of the baby’s body and exits through a hole beside the belly button, according to the CDC. According to the website, “the hole can be small or large and sometimes other organs, such as the stomach and liver, can also be found outside of the baby’s body.”

The vegan vlogger said that she had an ultrasound when she was 4 to 5-months pregnant and the doctor said that Gabriela was having issues with her gut. The doctor said that Gabby’s intestines seemed to be a little too close to her stomach wall or may even be out of her belly.

When Gabby was born, Frost said that she delivered her daughter herself. Gabby was born prematurely in addition to having Gastroschisis.

Gabby had one emergency surgery after birth and was taken to another hospital to have a second emergency surgery complete. This was difficult because Monami had to remain in the same hospital that she gave birth to Gabby in.

Once Monami recovered from giving birth, she was able to see Gabby. Monami’s daughter had to have a third surgery before she started recovering. Monami said that the doctors realized that Gabby’s intestines varied in shapes and sizes.

“When they did that same surgery, again, something wasn’t really right. So they had to do another surgery and after that everything seemed fine.”

The vegan vlogger said that she created the video because she wants Gabby to appreciate her scars and what she has endured in life. Monami said that the video is for viewers who may have body abnormalities, scars, or may feel different from others — to not feel ashamed of your body.

Monami shared that she got Gabby her first two-piece bikini swimsuit and thought it would be a great time to share Gabby’s story.

Gabby said that if you hide your scars — something that makes you different and special — then you’ll just blend in with the “normal crowd.” Monami and Gabby emphasize that it’s our differences that make us unique and beautiful!

Frost has definitely been through hardships of her own Frost became pregnant with her daughter Gabriella while living in Latvia when she was only 15-years-old. Ironically, Monami found out she was pregnant on April Fools Day in 2009. In her vlog, Manomi said that she was terrified and frightened all the while she cried and laughed.

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