MONAMI FROST: Life As A 15-Year-Old Tattooed TEEN MOM!

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Monami Frost Discusses the Joys and Hardships of Being a Young, Tattooed Mother

Monami Frost, 21 became pregnant with her daughter Gabriella in Latvia when she was only 15-years-old (Also noting Gabriella was not planned though she was using “protection” at the time). Ironically, Monami found out she was pregnant in 2009, on April Fools Day. In her vlog, Manomi says she was terrified, frightened all the while crying and laughing.

Luckily, Monami had a supportive mother who told her she should not be scared because she is a smart girl and will figure it out. Monami’s mom told her children will bring happiness and joy to her life if she keeps a positive mind.

monami frost
Monami Frost at 14 years old.

Giving Birth to Gabriella Was a Difficult Experience

To this day, Manomi says Gabby has brought so much joy and happiness into her life. The first two months of Gabby’s birth, according to Monami-was rough. Gabby was rushed to emergency surgery right after birth. Gabby pulled through and is very healthy and happy. In the hospital after giving birth to Gabby, Monami says the doctors and nurses did not discuss Gabby’s conditions with her.
monami frost

Sadly, they pretty much ignored her due to her being 15 years old with a ton of tattoos. Monami said she found out everything from Gabriella’s grandparents. Frost said that it was weird to be ignored and not be taken seriously after giving birth to her daughter. It wasn’t too hard being a young mom for Monami because she was so excited about motherhood.

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Monami Feels The Judgement Of Others is Invalid

Still living with her mother in Latvia at the time but wanted to move to the United Kingdom. Monami’s mother left to check the UK out before moving with Monami and Gabrielle. Frost says her grandparents were very happy and surprised at how naturally she adjusted to motherhood without the help of her mom (traveling to the UK). On the flip side, Monami says as a teen, she used to get weird looks from others because she was young. Monami says their judgment is invalid because happy people do not judge others.

monami frost
Monami Frost and daughter.

Monami is still very young at 21-years-old and loves being a young mother explaining, you have to embrace everything pregnancy brings because negative thoughts are useless. Monami feels grateful for having her daughter at the age she did. Monami says taking chances and not thinking “what if” will make you happier in life. Monami doesn’t think there is a “right time” to have a child and is happy that she can travel with and include Gabriella in her dreams as they are happening!

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Monami says she and Gabriella are absolute best friends and hope they will remain that way until she is a teenager. At times she mentions, it still feels weird to think Gabriella is actually her daughter. According to Monami, the motherhood is “incredible, exciting and scary” at the same time because she wants to protect her daughter. Frost notes the worst judgment she gets are people on social media saying her tattoos make her a bad mother.

There Are Terrible Mothers Who Are NOT Tattooed!

Monami explains her tattoos do not define her as a mother because there are so many horrible mothers in the world who are in face not tattooed. Noting these “normal people” are not so “normal”. Monami is not bothered by the judgments but feels it is sad that there are people out there who can actually associate tattoos or lack thereof with good parenting. When going to her daughters’ school to pick her up (she doesn’t encounter anything bad for the most part) but feels very shy and introverted as she is not like the other mothers who hang out after school and talk about their children.

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Monami discusses the love for her family; saying she, daughter and husband are blessed. Manomi says the only thing she is “worried” about is her husband, daughter and simply being together as a family.

monami frost age

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