MsNaz2you 7-Months Pregnant And FIGHTING! Beat Up Woman, Calls It ‘Shelter Moments’

msnaz2you chapters of our lives

MsNaz2you uploaded a “Question and Answer” vlog updating viewers on her living arrangements and plans for the new year. In this vlog, Nas discusses fighting another woman when she was 7-months-pregnant with oldest daughter, Kei Kei. Nas giggles describing this as a “shelter moment.” Nas says reading negative feedback about her vlogs online is triggering and makes her want to descend into a “shelter moment.”

MsNaz2you a.k.a. Chapters Of Our Lives “Prego & Fighting” storytime. [Photo via MsNaz2you]

“I wished someone could have told me–like who this person is, where this person lived because it’s one of those, “shelter moments”. I remember when I was 7-months pregnant and I beat up a girl in a shelter because she was talking about my baby before my baby was born.”

Nas writes within the video as a caption: “Talkin about: Black majic crazy talk.”

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