MsNaz2you: Will Ex ‘Hubby’ Emmanuel Move Into New Apartment?

msnaz2you chapters of our lives

MsNaz2you, better known as her other social media alias’ as Nastacia Riley or Chapters of Our Lives sits in a rented bedroom to answer questions submitted by viewers.

One viewer asks Nas if Emmanuel Sarpong, the father of her youngest daughter, Kaitlyn will  be moving into her new apartment.

“No, Emmanuel is not moving in with us. Emmanuel and I are not together. Basically when I made that video stating we were not together anymore, it’s basically been like that ever since. I posted him because I have respect for him and he’s a great father to the kids and I don’t show shame.”

Nas says despite the fact that she broke up with Emmanuel, she will not start bashing him and delete his photos from Instagram. Nas says the photos of Emmanuel on her Instagram account are there for her three children.

“Yeah, we are not together, we are just really, really, really good friends. And we are just great parents and great friends. We just get along great and we see eye to eye great.”

Nas says their relationship is better now than they were as a couple. Nas says their relationship ended as quickly as it started—yet, she took this breakup lightly.

“With my baby father, I felt like I was gonna die, I felt like the world was gonna end. Meteor hit, I was done, I was gone. Life ended, not worth living’ anymore.”

Nas then puts an annotation of “*Max and Keikei’s Blood Father”  to ensure viewers don’t mistake this man as being the father of one child—as many have already suspected.

msnaz2you chapters of our lives

Nas says she was stressed out and crying on a daily basis and was broken on the inside.

With Kaitlyn’s father, Nas says she’s been able to bounce back faster than normal. Nas says Emmanuel will not be moving in with the family, but will help the family move and we will see him chilling at the house in later vlogs.

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