MsNaz2you Vlogs In Undisclosed Location, Vows To Reveal Less On YouTube

msnaz2you chapters of our lives

After hours of lugging baby Kait in her make shift “Mobi Wrap”, Nastacia Riley, 23, goes back to her unknown living quarters to answer for a vlog, “Q & A” with questions allegedly submitted by viewers. Nas sits in a rented bedroom during the holiday season. Recently, Nas decided to move locations from her shabby Scarborough apartment to her chic unknown location for…unknown reasons.


How Does KeiKei feel about the move?

Nas says her oldest daughter, KeiKei is super excited about the move and talks about it everyday. Nas says KeiKei asks, “Mom is it ready yet?,” “Is the new place ready yet?” Nas reassure’s KeiKei they will be moving after Christmas. Nas says KeiKei says she will miss her old school, friends and old teacher.

“I brought her to see the apartment…Uhm…Not the finished apartment…They do, uhh, have sample versions that they can see…which is what I told you guys which is what I saw…when I was looking the place.”

This statement leaves Family Vlogs to believe Nas saw the apartment ahead of time, knowing the apartment looked nothing like the photos she posted on Instagram. In this statement, Nas is saying she brought her daughter to see a “sample apartment”…? 

MsNaz2you Keeping Vlogs Private?

Nas discusses her schedule with oldest daughter KeiKei and how she will not be vlogging certain aspects of her life.

MsNaz2you a.k.a Chapters of Our Lives with oldest daughter KeiKei, Maxwell (stroller) and baby Kaitlyn. [Photo via YouTube]

“There’s a lot now that I plan on keeping to myself, that I won’t be sharing with YouTube…So, I will basically be vlogging like other vloggers.”

Will MsNaz2you Make StoryTime Videos In New Apartment?

Viewers ask MsNaz2you if she’s going to discuss details of her apartment in a “Storytime” style video.

“Story time? Who knows? Maybe. Uhh, for right now, not really. Right now, I really am now working on being a little more less open with YouTube. A little more private. Because in the 2015, I was really, really opens and honest with pretty much everything and that didn’t really work out too much in a lotta of my favor. So I definitely plan not to share very much with YouTube any more.”

Nas says after the New Years, she plans on working on her drivers’ license and plans  trip to Jamaica with the children. Nas also says she wants to attend Vloggerfair.

MsNaz2You’s 2016 New Year Resolutions

One viewer asked Nas if she had any resolutions, if there was anything she regretted or wishes she could change.

“Embrace me a little more, do what’s best for me and my family little more and not really what other people feel is best.” Nas continues on with the sentiment,

“Because 2016 is my year!”

Nas says she never has regrets and tells everyone to embrace everything life has to offer, “botf gud and bad.”

Nas says she wishes she could change “being less open with YouTube.” Nas feels it’s been the WAY she’s been vlogging which has been causing her troubles. Now, she will “change that up for the 2016.”

Nas ensures viewers she will still keep it “original.”

Does Nas Plan On Having More Kids?

MsNaz2you happily answers the question with great certainty, “Nope. I am done. That is it. Three is my number. If I do meet someone in the future and I get married, I know I have to be open to the idea of also giving him a child…if he doesn’t already, like if he wants kids. So that, I’m OK with. But that’s in the very far future hopefully.”

Nas says when she starts dating again, she hopes to date someone who already has children or does not want children. Nas says she thinks will make her dating life much easier.

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