The REAL Reason MsNaz2you Disabled Comments & Blocked Followers From Instagram!


MsNaz2you reveals she has disabled the comment section in her YouTube videos and blocked people from following her on Instagram. Did MsNaz2you really shut down her comment section in order to moderate negative comments?

Well, Family Vlogs has found YouTubers who temporarily disable comments get better “watch time.” And well all know, better “watch time” equals more money. Increased watch time can also influence how your video ranks in the search results.

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However, sometimes the complete opposite is true: Comments enabled can generate MORE interest in the video/YouTube channel.

Let’s face it—most people LOVE skimming through comments while watching a video. They want to see what others have found valuable and will encourage them to keep watching to the end.

MsNaz2you uploads videos between 15-28 minutes most likely hoping for longer “watch time.” In the YouTube world—you must upload a video longer than 7 minutes in order to run pre-roll ads. YouTube plays an ad on a video at 7-minute intervals.

Short 3-5 minute videos are not favored and are a thing of the past. YouTube is now competing with major television networks for “watch time.”

When a video is longer than 7-minutes-you a channel creator gets the option of using a “skippable” ad—an ad most viewers prefer.

Many YouTubers said they use the excuse and tactic of disabling comments as a means to thwart off negativity and to moderate negative comments. However, some (not all) YouTubers have found that when comments are disabled, subscribers (and non-subscribers) tend to watch the entire video, beginning to end. They have also found subscribers are more likely to come back to said YouTube channel simply to see if the comment section is enabled. This type of behavior is favored over a viewer opening the uploaded video, reading the comment section and moving on.

During the disabled comment period, a viewer is also forced to watch an entire video without the influence of commenters.

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Why Punish True Fans?

Surely there are fans viewing MsNaz2you’s channel to offer support and encouragement. It is up to the YouTuber to moderate negative comments—not exterminate all viewers.

MsNaz2you has also seemingly deleted every single supporter from her Instagram account. Many wonder why would loyal fans put up with this type of behavior?

Is Nas wary of negative comments because she feels they will drive away potential viewers, and sponsors?

Disabling comments on videos makes it seem like you have something to hide: The vast majority of YouTube videos do have comments enabled so when a viewer comes across one where the comments are turned off alarm bells should start ringing.

MsNaz2you PAID To Block Loyal Subscribers from Instagram

In a vlog entitled, “Book#8 Chapter 1: This is My Life: Police, Lawyers, LSA| Minds of My Babies| New Intro| Strength”, Nas informed viewers that she has completely deleted and blocked people from her Instagram account. In fact, Nas says she has PAID to have large masses of loyal subscribers and viewers removed from her Instagram account.

MsNaz2you is pleased that viewers went to her cooking channel in order to contact her. Nas happily reveals the outpour of support and emails is flattering. Nas says she’s gotten emails from moms, to kids and to teenagers who have been inspired by her.

Nas says hiding the like/dislike button on her YouTube channel has now gained her hundreds of likes from viewers.

“I just want to thank you for that, it really meant a lot.”

MsNaz2you says she has taken “legal precautions” by making a police report and have contacted the site [Lipstick Alley] and connected a criminal lawyer.

“With the mass delete, I actually had to PAY for a program to block everybody in order to delete everyone…I notice people are sending me friend requests, please don’t. The whole point of the mass delete is to have everybody off my page.”

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Nas says at the moment, she “kind of likes not hearing from anybody.” Nas says her children will not be in her vlogs as much as they were before, she will be focusing the vlogs on herself.

Nas warns viewers that if they somehow find her address online, do not show up at her residence because they never know what they could be “walking into.” Nas says she’s seen people who go to people’s house to collect the money their owned and get shot to death because they didn’t know what they were “walking into.” Nas warns people to “be careful.”

“If you’re coming to beat a mom or do drive by’s on a mom because you don’t like the way she’s living because she’s a bad mom, make sure you leave home knowing that theirs a possibility you might not be going back home again.”

Ironically, after two 20+ minute vlogs of Nas professing her need to protect her children’s safety—Nas’s vlog continues and 99.9% of the footage recorded is her children! Nas does not show her face ONCE in the rest of the vlog; only her voice and commentary.

Would you support you’re favorite YouTuber if they chose to focus on the negativity over you’re love and support? Sound off in the comments below!

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