MsNaz2you vs. Ellie and Jared Differences in PHYSIOTHERAPY for Infant Torticollis!


MsNaz2you’s Son Diagnosed with Same Neck Condition as Vloggers Ellie and Jared’s Son, Calvin

MsNaz2you’s son Maxwell was diagnosed with Torticollis just as family vloggers, Ellie and Jared’s infant son-Calvin. Here are the DIFFERENCES in physiotherapy the two children with the SAME neck condition received.

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Family Vloggers, Ellie and Jared’s infant son Calvin diagnosed with Torticollis.

 Ellie and Jared’s Torticollis Treatment

Ellie and Jared are seen here taking Calvin to Chiropractor:

Ellie and Jared visit chiropractor for Torticollis neck treatment.

MsNaz2you Torticollis Treatments

It is November 2014, MsNaz2you rides the bus to take son, Maxwell to a physiotherapy appointment. Nas has Maxwell inside of a carried next to her chest, bundled up inside her jacket. The doctor aligns Max’s shoulders while he is flat on his back and massages the muscles connected to his neck. Maxwell coughs and the doctor asks if he is sick. Nas replies “yes, from a while back.” The doctor tells Nas, while the “soft spot” is there in his skull-Max’s head has a chance to re-shape. The doctor says, the “soft spot” will close between 12-18 months-this means Nas only has a small window to correct the shape of her sons head.

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The doctor tells Nas, whatever head shape Maxwell has after 12-18 months-that head shape will in fact stay. Nas is seen giggling looking into the camera, calling Max “a flirt”, as the doctor discusses Max’s condition. The physiotherapy Maxwell underwent under the care of this doctor seemed much more gentle, than the “at home” physiotherapy Nas engaged in with boyfriend, Emmanuel. The doctor asks Nas to put down the camera (@ 7:34)-as she will need her help adjusting Maxwell’s neck.


Engaging in “at home” physiotherapy with boyfriend, Emmanuel-Nas minimalizes Maxwell’s pain and discomfort by saying Max was not hurt-but screaming from being restrained. In the above photo, Nas admits the procedure (the doctor administrated) was uncomfortable.

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MsNaz2you discusses brain fluid building in Maxwell’s head.

Nas Riley tells a fan Maxwell “is good now” in July 2015.


Nastascia Riley and boyfriend, Emmauel Sarpong at home neck therapy:


Nas says these are procedures and methods she has to do daily for Maxwell. Nas says,

“You can call it- “at home-physiotherapy.”

As Nas discusses her therapy routine, Emmanuel Sarpong poses, smiling with face on Max’s bottom. Nas demonstrates with a toy-how Max has issues turning his neck to the left.


Nas tells Emmanuel to restrain Maxwell’s his hands and feet. Nas says,

“When he starts fighting, I usually stay in one position. It’s perfectly normal what I’m doing-I’m not hurting him.”

Nas is then seen COMPLETELY turning Maxwell’s head to the right. Nas says she has to do this 10 times.

Nas Riley and boyfriend Emmanuel Sarpong give Maxwell “at home” Torticollis treatment.

Nas then turns Maxwell’s head to the left-noting that is the “harder side for him”. Maxwell kicks and screams-appearing to be in pain. Nas says the left muscle in Max’s neck is very short and tight.

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Nas is seen here twisting her hands over one another to turn Max’s neck to the left.


Nas tells viewers Max’s hollering and screaming was due to being restrained. Nas claims if Max was in pain-he would still be crying and he would have tears.

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