MsNaz2you Isn’t To Happy Baby Kait Gets Christened At Emmanuel’s Church


Today adorable baby Kaitlyn gets Christened! However, MsNaz2you isn’t too happy she has to go to Kaitlyn’s father’s church to carry out the ceremony. MsNaz reveals her thoughts on going back to Emmanuel’s church:

MsNaz2you’s ex boyfriend Emmanuel with daughter, Kaitlyn. [Images via MsNaz2you/YouTube]

“I’m not too excited about it, I can’t say I’m happy about it but you know what, I’m trying to learn to compromise. He really wanted Kait to be Christened at his church and it’s not like I hate anybody there, I don’t. You know, there was just some very unfair treatment. I’ve gotten past it but at the same time, if I don’t have to be somewhere, then I don’t wanna be there but today’s Kait’s day and I’m gonna make it happen, we’re gonna make it happen as a family.”

Nas claims her ‘best friend’ and god mother of the children, Kerina was in attendance. Kerina has not been seen in Nas’s vlogs since Nas left Kerina at a house party last Halloween of 2015.

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