MsNaz2you Idiopathic Tip Toe Walking Home Remedy—Bucket Of Water?!


Last year, MsNaz2you took oldest daughter KeiKei to the doctor, KeiKei received the diagnosis of having a condition called “Idiopathic Tip Toe Walking.” The doctor clearly stated to Nas, if KeiKei does not wear a foot brace, by Spring 2016, she will have to undergo surgery.

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MsNaz2you Buys Puma’s Instead Of Orthopedic Shoes For Daughter With Idiopathic Tip Toe Walking Syndrome?

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Well, Spring 2016 has come and gone—Nas as not updated inquiring viewers on the status of her daughters’ feet. Instead, viewers must come to the conclusion that nothing has been done to improve KeiKei’s foot condition as she is seen in various vlogs limping and complaining about pain in her feet.

In this particular vlog entitled, “Book#7 Chapter 5: Maxwell’s 2nd Birthday| Severely Anemic| Water Park- Foot Pain| New Puppy No No KeiKei woke up in so much pain—she could not walk! Nas’s remedy? To dump her daughters’ feet in plastic toy buckets of cold and hot water.

MsNaz2you dips daughters feet in buckets of hot and cold water. [Photo via Chapters Of Our Lives]

“I’m doing this hot water cold water thing with KeiKei because she woke up with one of her foot hurting her really badly today, she can’t seem to walk.”

In a separate  vlog entitled, “B4-13: He Denied Me an Allergist| Skyping Daddy| Q & A Keikeis Foot Results| Rumors, Lesson Learned

Nas repeats the same story in regards to KeiKei’s feet. Whenever Nas gives “updates” she’s usually repeating the same story she told months ago.

“If  people are waiting to see her shoe inserts or physical therapy, you’ll never ever see it.”

Nas says she will not reveal if KeiKei has shoe inserts or is in physical therapy. Nas says that is between her, Emmanuel and KeKei. Nas says she is no longer sharing any medical issues about her children on YouTube.

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