MsNaz2you Buys Puma’s Instead Of Orthopedic Shoes For Daughter With Idiopathic Tip Toe Walking Syndrome?


In the vlog uploaded April 4th, 2016 entitled, “Book#4 Chapter 22: She Can’t Wear Certain Types of Shoes| Grocery Haul| Stay Grounded| Changing Up MsNaz2you is acting confused as to why her oldest daughter, KeiKei is complaining about her feet hurting! In an October 2015, in vlog #356 entitled, “Keikei’s Foot Diagnosis & Treatment” Nas says,

“They usually need surgery or a foot brace to correct it. That is what I’m trying to avoid, I don’t want her to have any of that foot brace stuff!.”

In this same vlog, Nas mentions KeiKei is a SERIOUS “tip toe walker.”

“Tip toe as in she tip toes 24 hours a day. There are very little times where her feet will be fully flat on the ground. She started tip-toeing, it’s been two and a half years now…almost three years.”

Instead of buying orthopedic shoes for KeiKei’s tip toe walking (per doctor’s orders) Nas buys a pair of Puma’s in one size larger than KeiKei’s feet. In a previous vlog, Nas says the inserts are expensive and will cost close to one thousand dollars to buy KeiKei new shoes.

Nas says,

“I bought a size bigger so it’s not like it’s squeezing her feet or nothing, but she keeps complaining about it. Saying that it feels squishy on her feet or something. I think it’s because the fact that she walks on her tip toes and it’s not cushioned, I think that’s why. Because her other shoes are so padded up and other stuff. So, I dunno.”

Wow, really…? So MsNaz2you has no idea why KeiKei’s FEET are bothering her?! Here’s a link of when Nas went to the doctor for KeiKei’s feet.


Hmm…Nas has no idea why KeiKei’s feet are hurting her to the point of not being able to walk…Do you think it could be the fact that she was diagnosed with IDIOPATHIC TIP TOE WALKING last year and should be wearing orthopedic shoes or have had surgery this past Spring instead of having a fresh pair of Puma’s?


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