MsNaz2you NIXED Foot Brace Idea–KeiKei SUFFERS From IdioPathic Tip-Toe Walking!


MsNaz2you Admits KeiKei Has Had IdioPathic Tip-Toe Walking, A Foot Condition YEARS

MsNaz2you has made new vlogs regarding her 5 year old daughter, KeiKei’s foot condition in which she walks on the tips of her feet. In this vlog, MsNaz2you actually records her daughter walking limping and standing on her tippy toes yet, tells viewers it is only a phase. September 1st, 2014 Nas uploaded a vlog saying it was brought to her attention by someone else that her daughter is a “top toe walker”. Nas said KeiKei is a serious tip toe walker and says,

“…Tip toe as in-she tip toes 24 hours a day. There are very little times where her feet will be fully flat on the ground…she started tip-toeing, it’s been two and a half years now…almost three years.”

Nas then says she noticed it before KeiKei turned two and says she assumed KeiKei wanted to be a ballerina so she stopped paying attention. Nas says someone else brought it to her attention that her daughter was walking on her tippy toes. Nas goes back and forth between noticing this habit and it dawning on her all of a sudden. Nas then says it seemed like KeiKei could never get her feet flat on the ground and says she used to tell KeiKei 100x’s a day to walk flat on her feet.


Nas continues to say it’s almost as if KeiKei “has difficulty doing it because she’s been walking on her tippy toes for so long” At @2:05 Nas snaps at the poor girl who is CLEARLY having trouble walking  to “Walk on your feet please! No! Your FEET!”-just to show viewers! Nas said she took KeiKei to the family doctor who said KeiKei is “flat footed”. Nas said the doctor told her they usually grow out of it at age 4 but- if she has not by age 5 to bring her back. Nas then talks about how the bone in the foot will become stiff from all of the walking on the toes and says surgery and foot braces is not an option for treatment.

Has KeiKei Been Falling So Much Due to Her Foot Condition??

In this vlog, Nas said KeiKei is so used to walking on her tippy toes that when she wears shoes, the heaviness of the shoe’s heel throws her off balance and makes KeiKei fall and stumble constantly.

This is interesting because in one vlog (#325 KeiKeis Accident At School), Nas was picking up KeiKei from school-who fell forward onto the ground. Now-Nas blames KeiKei’s coat for the fall:


Ok…yes, in the screenshot Nas took (and without further information regarding this “tip toe” condition), it could appear as if KeiKei’s coat made her fly onto the concrete. HOWEVER, upon further investigation and reviewing the screenshots I took, it looks like KeiKei was tip-toe skipping from her school then, landed FLAT ON HER FEET.


KeiKei looks to be standing solid/flat ground and on TOP of her coat before falling. Therefore it is highly possible the imbalance and/or painful discomfort in KeiKei’s achilles (due to idiopathic tip toe walking); landing flat on her feet could have made her fly forward.


Exercises for Children with IdioPathic Tip-Toe Walking

Many online sources tell parents of children with this foot condition to do regular exercises to loosen the muscles in their calves, ankles and feet.


These are exercises for children with the same foot condition as KeiKei.Nas has not demonstrated or even spoken about these exercises in a vlog.



Nas Admits She Wants To Avoid KeiKei Wearing Foot Brace for Correction!

Nas says sometimes people with this foot condition will need surgery or a foot brace to correct the alignment of the foot. However, Nas says she wants to avoid this at all costs!msnaz2you

“They usually need surgery or a foot brace to correct it. Thats is what I’m TRYING to avoid, I don’t want her to have any of that foot brace stuff!”

In an October 2015, in vlog #356 entitled, “Keikei’s Foot Diagnosis & Treatment”, Nas is seen going to the doctor to get her daughter sized up for orthopedic shoes that will provide proper support and healing for her feet! Even while KeiKei was SITTING in a chair, she lost her balance trying to lean over for a toy. Nas says special shoes need to be made for KeiKei due to her “tip toe walking”. Nas brought in all of KeiKei’s shoes so the office can know what size heels or inserts KeiKei needs to fit her feet. If the specialized shoes do not work (or if Nas does not buy them), Nas must use the walking boots below by Spring 2016.

Image MsNaz2you points of the shoes KeiKei will have to wear if the specialized shoes do not work.

“I don’t even want to know the price right now-but whatever it is-I’ll pay it.”

During this vlog Nas starts mixing up the story by saying the doctor who saw KeiKei (age 4) did NOT want to wait [until she was 5] and decided to refer her to a specialist ASAP…(which I guess that’s the one she just went to). The vlog cuts and Nas says-“so we went to the specialist again at her clinic”…Nas then said the inserts will be put in her shoe and will assist in her walking. Nas says “I have to buy her NEW winter boots, new sneakers, new everything.”

Nas says the inserts are expensive and will cost close to one thousand dollars to buy KeiKei new shoes. No update has been made on whether Nas followed up with shoe sizing, whther these shoes inserts have been purchased or if KeiKei is using them.

If KeiKei does not get these shoes-she will be wearing leg braces by Spring 2016. Sadly, if not the leg braces-KeiKei will have to get surgery!

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