MsNaz2you Is TRIGGERED! Official 2016 Lipstick Alley RANT! No More Chapters Of Our Lives?


MsNas2you is sooooo triggered, lol. MsNaz2you uploaded a vlog entitled,No More Chapters of our Lives| Cyber Bullying Gone Too Far|CPS Visit| OW Investigated|Obsessive Fans” to which she addresses her ‘haters’ in full.

According to her description box, Nas is done “playing nice.” Nas is also playing with the idea of calling this series “Diaries of A YouTube Mother.”

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“Hello friends. Welcome to the diaries of a youtube mother. lol have not decided on the new name yet but Msnaz is done playing nice. I am still me but at this moment in time its time to cut somethings for my peace of mind. Watch the vlog you will understand all. Thanks so much to all those who supported us and still do. A different kind of vlogging is coming but we are still vlogging no doubt.”

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MsNaz2you claims the website, Lipstick Alley (LSA) went through her old vlogs and “leaked” her address. Well, watching older vlogs on a YouTube channel is normal—that’s the point, 99.9% of people who watch vlogs on YouTube not only watch new vlogs, but they go through that channel’s history to watch older vlogs as well.


Towards the end of the video (25:03) Nas reveals how CPS got her new address. Nas says her address can easily be found.

“I’m not really hiding… This apartment is under my name. I’m not really hiding so if they feel like the kids’ lives are in danger they have a way of getting these things…their able to get my address with ease, so whatever.”

Also, let’s examine the definition of the word “leaked.”

In the music industry, a “leaked album” or “leaked music” is when a song or album is being put out online before it is officially released.

In terms of celebrities—“leaked photos” is something a hacker is needed for. The hacker would hack into a account of said celebrity and release unreleased photos to the public.

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“What they did was went through my old vlogs and went online and leaked my address, by going through my old vlogs and seeing little stores that I would go to and little places I would go to and how I would walk into my apartment….they would pinpoint places I would go to on google maps and put it on the site.”

None of Nas’s information was LEAKED. If anything, Google maps leaked her info.

Nas has 100% supplied questionable VIDEO FOOTAGE and information about her life to millions of possible viewers. And, if ONE person went to great lengths to actually “leak” an address, that is ONE person, not an entire website of people.

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No one went to her home, recorded video footage, hacked her computer, added crappy music, choppy editing and uploaded said footage to YouTube. Nope, this is ALL Nas’s doing.

Nas, while grinning, says some white guy came to her old apartment.

“Someone came to my old apartment, white guy—thick built white guy, drivin’ around saying that he was looking for me, he was a big fan of mine and from what he found on what not, he came here to meet me.”

The clip of Nas explaining the story is very choppy due to her cutting out pieces of footage while editing. Nas does not blame Lipstick Alley for for this because she says the guy found her “on what not.” Nas is heavily implying this man came to her home because of the information he found on the website.

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This is funny because Nas seems very comfortable allowing strangers around her children—i.e.—the “heavy built white guy” that took Maxwell by the hand and lead him around the building.


“It wasn’t a scary time, it was more of a time where I felt like I was gonna kill somebody.”

Okay, is this a normal reaction? So—Nas seems like a pretty violent woman. Nas also speaks about her “shelter moment” in which she FOUGHT a woman while living in a shelter at 7-months-pregnant.

“When the incident happened, I actually took off outside with a knife… in my hand, but by that time he had already driven off.”

Oh really? Oh, ok. Nas says she cannot finish the rest of the story because it’s “under wraps or whatever.” Nas says this incident “pushed her hands” to move. Previously, Nas said she wanted to move due to her home being so small and having roaches, now she blames a website.

If MsNaz2you is so concerned about information being shown to the public then why not private ALL videos? Especially the older ones?

Nas goes on and on about how she’s changed the way she vlogs in order to protect her children—not to hide her children’s quality of life. However at 24:33, towards the end of the video, Nas says,

“Yeah we lived in a roach infested apartment? Ok. We moved. Do you see any roaches crawling anywhere?”

Nas then explains she was on the Canadian welfare system, Ontario Works and has since gotten off. Nas then assures everyone that her three children are a result of only two baby daddies.

Nas says she used to talk to her fans a lot but has slowed down because she doesn’t “have time for this sh**.”

Girl, stop lying. 

In the next few sentences, Nas clearly makes the distinction between viewers who are “obsessed” with her versus people offering constructive criticism. Nas, now in the bathroom, says there are viewers who say she’s a “horrible mother.”

“Was I living in some, very, probably the not so best conditions last year? Sure I was.”

Nas says whenever someone provides criticisms he will look inside of herself and improve. Nas also admits that she has looked at her situation, has seen some issues and have worked to resolve them.

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“Yah, this is a problem and I do need to improve on that and I try to do better.”

Nas continues to say between 2014 and 2016, she has raised the bar on her living conditions.

“Better apartment, better lifestyle, better way of eating, better way of vlogging, everything… So now my kids are out of the vlogs, it may not be forever.”

MsNaz2you and Child Protective Services

Nas informs her viewers that someone has called Canadian Child Protective Services on her…which is funny because Nas has TOLD people to call these institutions numerous times. Nas has even put in her vlogs that she wants viewers to call CPS so she could get a brand new SUV free of charge.

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Now, Nas says CPS showed up with a “surprise visit” and she was “shocked out of her mind.” This is insane—Nas has TOLD viewers repeatedly to CALL CPS—now she is flabbergasted.

“I was a mess that day, I was ballin’. I was so shocked.”

Nas says she would have “never thought” to see CPS at her door and she was “hurt to the core.”

Nas says about a week later she gets a call from CPS representatives that tell her they need to either go to her home or she needs to go to their office so they can interview her oldest daughter Keiarah again, as new allegations have been brought to light. Nas claims the new allegations are in regards to her drinking alcohol out of a Powerade bottle—however, this may not be the case. It is likely the new investigations may be in regards to health issues with the children. Nas then says she doesn’t know what the other allegations were in reference to.

Nas then says the investigators came to her home again—this time without a nurse. Nas says she told them this is the last visit and she will “lawyer up” if she has to.

MsNaz2you 2016 Child Protective Services Visit

Nas now fast forward’s to April 2016 and says she was visited by CPS/CAS again.

Nas says the new allegations said:

“I have an autistic child with fluid on the brain, in dire need of medical attention… Inside my house and I was doing nothing about it.”

Nas said she “laughed, and laughed, and laughed and laughed.” Nas says to them, “You are not a doctor, you cannot diagnose autism on a 1-year-old child.” Nas then says Max is a “shy” child and they cannot diagnose him with any possible medical conditions.

Nas maintains she would not let the investigators see her children unless they arrived with a warrant or other court documents. Nas says the woman spoke on the phone to her case manager and proceeded to knock on the door for 5-minutes. Nas says she did not answer the door. Nas says,

“You wanna call SWAT, you wanna call the police, you wanna go call the army, you can even fly over Obama, my door is not open.”

Now, Nas is claiming the investigators were there for her son, Maxwell. We cannot confirm the real reason. Nas also makes no mention of the visit being in regards to her oldest daughter KeiKei having issues with her feet and ankles.

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