MsNaz2you: Infant Son Max HIT By Sister, Chips Gums and BLEEDS!

MsNaz2you pulling at sons lip to show bleeding gum injury to viewers.

MsNaz2you: Max Chips His Gums-Forced to Eat Green Pepper While Mom Feasts on Chinese

Due to the intended confusion and deleting of vlogs of MsNaz2you’s YouTube channel-I put together a summary of the total number of family illnesses, physical ailments or accidents MsNaz2you has vlogged on YouTube-including dates, treatments, which children were affected-including family dog-Pedro and younger siblings previously in her daily care- Neish and Cardo (any fights/issues between the two, Nas calls them “sibling wars”). The child with an astonishing amount of medical emergencies and injuries-Maxwell (born July 2014).

*Update: This will no longer be ONE full summary-there are FAR TOO MANY incidents to put in a single blog post. Instead, here is a full MsNaz2you Family Illness, Accidents and Emergency Reference Chart*

“Toddler HURTS The Baby” Vlog #118 (May 2015):

msnaz2youThe “toddler” is KeiKei and the “baby” is Maxwell. Nas says KeiKei repeatedly slapped Maxwell until she chipped his gums which proceeded to bleed (@0:40). As Maxwell cries, Nas begins to PULL at Maxwell’s lip-stretching his gums even more to show viewers the injury.

“She was playing with him and her kind of playing-she was slapping his face-kept slapping his face right here-I started slapping his face until he started crying-so now-I dunno if you guys can see-his teeth is bleedin’….she really chipped off a big piece of his gum right there.”

“This is something me and KeiKei talked about over and over again. Don’t play with the baby like that….now you see, a big piece of his gums are gone.”

Nas goes to scold KeiKei in her bedroom WHILE vlogging. Nas scolds KeKei (who is on the verge of tears) through the camera. KeiKei apologizes for her actions THROUGH the camera as well.

“Look what you did to him-you saw what you did to him-right? You hurt his gums and now their chipped off and now they’re bleedin’. You need to go apologize to your brother.”

Msnaz2you scolding daughter for hurting son, Max. [Source:Chapters of Our Lives/YouTube]
It’s worth noting: In this vlog-Maxie eats solid food and demonstrates he CAN SPEAK (which is not seen in present vlogs): Nas goes to a Chinese restaurant and Maxie says:

“Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama.” Nas says, “Whenever Maxie wants food-he says ‘Mama'”. Maxie does not speak these words any longer (@13:43).

Nas-with GREASY HANDS and ARMS (from eating with no utensils) shoves an entire, semi cooked-GREEN PEPPER in Max’s face-laughing while Max cries, telling him to eat it-she herself does not know what kind of vegetable she is feeding him as she says,

“Come on! It’s similar to Broccoli, I don’t even know what…” as she continues feasting on a table full of Chinese food. Nas then stuffs a few pieces of rice in his mouth.

Msnaz2you shoving a green pepper in sons face while feasting on Chinese food.

In another vlog, entitled, “Max’s Horrible Accident”, a similar situation occurs involving Chinese food spilling on Maxwell and he falls off a bed and busts lip/gums. Nas also pulls on his lip disregarding his cries-to show viewers the injury.

MsNaz2you pulling on son Maxwell’s busted lip to show viewers the injury.

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