Does MsNaz2you’s Son Maxwell Have ‘Fluid On The Brain’? Max’s Head Shape Diagnosis


MsNaz2you discusses having multiple doctors—two designated doctors from his family physician. Nas says the family physician said everything is always “a-ok”. Nas says when the children are sick, she likes to get a second opinion.

“Just like when Max had his skull problem. Basically the family physician said Max’s skull was too big, it kept on increasing and increasing more than the average baby and he was concerned. Then when he sent me to a specialist, the specialist said there was ‘fluid on the brain.”

Nas says she then went to a neurologist who said Maxwell is perfectly normal and he has an oversized head.

Maxwell’s Diagnosis:

In a separate vlog, Max gives an update on Maxwell’s head shape. When Max was born, the circumference of his head was larger than normal. Nas says his doctor had her bring him back several times and the shape increased. Nas says viewers brought to her attention the shape of Maxwell’s head—this is when she noticed the shape was “a bit off.”

Nas says she took Max to the doctor and TOLD him of Maxwell being diagnosed with Torticollis. Nas said Max then had physiotherapy and she did neck exercises in order to loosen the muscle.

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Nas says buying a “turtle hat” was another option, however she says it was not needed. Nas says the doctor chuckled and said Max’s head is perfectly fine.

Nas now says Maxwell messed up his OWN HEAD by the way he chose to come out when he was born. Nas then goes into a long explanation using a fake baby and a hot wheels race track to make an analogy between her birth canal and Maxwell being delivered as a occiput posterior baby.

The OP position (occiput posterior fetal position) is when the back of baby’s head is against the mother’s back.

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