MsNaz2you Chooses Not To Pursue Child Support For Her Three Children


MsNaz2you answered some questions viewers submitted for a Q & A in regards to the father of her three children, KeiKei, Maxwell, and Kaitlyn. In a vlog entitled, “Q & A: Part 2-Jewlz Gender? New Mom Advice? It’s Easier for a Man to Walk? Finding Keikei & Maxs DadNas claims Max and Kei Kei has the same father—a man who as far as she knows, he does not live in Canada, but out of the country. Nas says she is not interested in pursuing him for child support.


“Because he is out of the country, I am not able to pursue him for child support, not that I care right now, that is the least of my worries.”

Nas says she does not keep in contact with Max and KeiKei’s father. She said since he left three years ago, she has not seen or heard from him. Nas say’s KeiKei has a half brother and sometimes she will get updates from that child’s mother. However, Nas then goes on to say, if he wants to be in his children’s lives then “he knows where there at.”

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