MsNaz2you Taunts Viewers To Call Child Protective Services (CAS) AGAIN


In a vlog uploaded entitled, “Book#1 Chapter 18: Show Me A Warrant or No EntryMsNaz2you is seen here taunting viewers again, telling them to call Canadian Child Protective Services. Nas asked viewers to call CPS a couple of times last year.

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Nas begins her vlog telling viewers to call CAS because she needs a brand new minivan free of charge.

“And guys as for questions concerning the kids, whose watches the kids here and there, do not worry about that. I will not be answering questions like that…I will be sharing less with the YouTube world and keeping more to myself. If there’s ever a concern you might have, you know CPS’s number, that’s all right.”


Nas places captions within the video that reads:

“Let them know to bring along a “LEGAL” Warrant with a proper complaint, not childish nonsense. I ain’t no fool to the law. Oh & I need an SUV…free of charge ;)”

Nas continues on to say she is not vlogging so openly anymore because when she was, viewers “took it for granted.”

MsNaz2you exercising, using newborn as a weight. [Photo via MsNaz2you]

Nas says she’s just going to “do me” and everyone needs to sit back and enjoy the vlogs.

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