MsNaz2you: ‘I Did Not Come On YouTube To Make Mommy Friends’


MsNaz2you finally gets real with viewers and informs them she is not on YouTube to make “mommy friends”, but on YouTube for the money and to share her life with those who may be in a similar situation, to motivate young people. MsNaz2you uploaded a vlog entitled, “Book#2 Chapter 9: Accident on The School Bus| The Harsh Truth-Not Here for Friends| Grounding Pagdro.”

“I’m here to make my money, I’m not here for friends you guys… Why should I lie to you? I didn’t come on YouTube hoping to make a whole bunch of ‘mommy friends’ and all of that… No, like, what the heck? I have friends.”

Nas says she’s on YouTube to inspire people but at the ‘end of the day’ she cuts a paycheck.

“I don’t know who 90% of you are, I never met any of you people a day in my life. I never seen you bring a bag of milk when I needed it for one of the kids.”

Nas says she does not care if she has hater because, “at the end of the day, I’m still making money.” Nas does say that “Uncle” has been a great friend to the family.

“If people wanna say, he’s my man, he’s the kids’ dad, he’s this and this. I take sex for money, that’s not my problem.”

Nas tells viewers hate and gossip comes with being on YouTube—so ignore it and focus on your reasons for joining YouTube whether its’ to inspire or make money. Nas gives viewers inspirational words of encouragement, “embrace you, be true and always do you.”

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