nicole arbour abuse

Matthew Santoro accidentally uploaded a vlog onto his YouTube channel, Matthew Santoro Vlogs entitled, “My Abuse Story” which has gotten over 1 MILLION views in the last 24 hours! Matthew describes the abuse he endured while dating controversial YouTuber girlfriend, Nicole Arbour!nicole arbour abuse

Many may remember Nicole Arbour from her super controversial vlog, “Dear Fat People”—which currently has over 9 million views. Matthew promptly took the video down—however, when viewers saw this vlog and showed an enormous amount of support, Matthew re-uploaded it back to his channel.

My Abuse Story” Highlights:

  • Matthew says this is embarrassing and nothing people talk about
  • This is something he has kept hidden for a long time
  • Matthew says he did not think he’d get emotional because he’s buried this pain deep
  • Matthew does not name Nicole Arbours’ name—but says, in this relationship, he was made to feel “powerful, sexy and like he is a king—and this person was all that he ever needed.”
  • Matthew says she forced him to push many people out of his life–so he pushed his friends and family away because of this woman–her demands were not direct—it was subtle.
  • Matthew says he was accused of cheating so he had to cut every woman out of his life on social media and delete all female numbers from his phone
  • Matthew says he lost his closest friends because “everyone else was a loser”, anyone that disagreed with their relationship was considered a loser
  • Matthew says he had a panic attack from a verbal altercation and left an event and broke up with her and she prevented him from leaving her house and he was HIT in the face!
  • Matthew says he had never been hit in the face before in his life and it was painful to have someone you care about hit you—he said he felt sadness, shame and embarrassment. He felt as if it were his fault and says these emotions were indescribable.

nicole arbour abuse

  • He said this “individual” contacted him and told him she changed—saying “I’d never hit you again”—Matthew said he took her back.
  • Matthew says when he took her back—the damage was actually psychological because everyone in his life suffered. Matthew says his business suffered (uploading videos once every 3 weeks).
  • Matthew says he was controlled, manipulated and made to do things and act in ways he would NEVER act on his own accord.
  • Matthew says a few weeks ago—he finally decided to break up with this girl; saying he wanted to focus on business and work—when in reality he just wanted his life back.
  • He said he allowed someone to physically and emotionally abuse him for nearly one year of his life.
  • Matthew says he is making the video—not to disparage anyone—but to tell viewers that domestic violence happens to men and women—however, men never speak about it.
  • Matthew says men are supposed to be “strong” and that we live in a society—that men & women feel they have to be quiet about these things.

“Men get hit too, men get hit too! Abuse knows NO gender. It’s something no one talks about—it’s something that is embarrassing.”

  • Matthew says whether you are a man or female—to tell someone—a family member or friend—anyone. Matthew says this damage will last for YEARS. Matthew is ashamed he held it in for 8 months—and knows there are people out there that have held in abuse for YEARS.

Matthew tells viewers not to be in fear of being judged and,

 “You don’t need to be with someone that hates you, uses you and manipulates you to do everything they want. There are people out there who will support you if you come out.” Matthew tells viewers of the resources available and tells others not to be quiet—to tell someone…No one wants to admit they are abused—but the pattern of abuse and violence will continue indefinitely unless you say something.”

Matthew goes on to tell viewers the people around already know you’re being controlled and manipulated—so reach out for help—if not, the abusers will never stop.

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