Daily Bumps Bryan and Missy Lanning Announce Birth of Ollie!

Daily Bumps

Missy Lanning Gives Birth to Baby Boy, Oliver James Lanning!

After many struggles and traumatic experiences with infertility, Missy Lanning of Daily Bumps gives birth to Oliver (Ollie) Lanning on July 27th, 2013 at 9:31pm. Here is Ollie’s awesome  birth video announcement!

  • Week 1: Missy is still getting used to the surreal feeling of having a real baby in her arms. Ollie is always sleeping and peaceful.

Ollie Daily Bumps First Week Pic

  • Week 2:  of Ollie’s birth-Ollie was more awake and alert, staying up at night.
  • Ollie lies on his belly for “tummy time”  for 5-10 in to build up the muscles in his neck
  • Ollie is eating a lot more.
  • Week 3: Missy is anxious to see Ollie’s characteristics and personality start to shine through.
  • Missy enjoys wearing the Tula Wrap to have Ollie close to her.

[Image via Missy Lannning/YouTube.]

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