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sam and nia

Sam and Nia Third Pregnancy Announcement

Sam and Nia Third Pregnancy Announcement Prior to Miscarriage Nia Radar is outside her house preparing to announce her 3rd pregnancy via social media. Nia is...
The Nive Nulls Maddox Null

The Nive Nulls Welcome Second Son Maddox Alexander Null!

The Nive Nulls Welcome Maddox Null into the Family Austin and Britt Null of The Nive Nulls YouTube channel have been vlogging on YouTube for over 6 years....
Missy Lanning miscarriage

Family Vlogger Missy Lanning Reveals Memory Box of Miscarried Baby Keepsakes

  Missy Lanning Reveals Items in Memory Box At 20 weeks pregnant, vlogger Missy Lanning miscarried a son. After some time, Missy has the courage to share the contents of this...

MsNaz2you Slips Up AGAIN? Viewers Question If MsNaz2you Had ANOTHER Baby Before KeiKei

MsNaz2you or, Nas Riley of Scoursborough, Canada-mentions an additional pregnancy in the the vlog, Live Pregnancy Test. *UPDATE: 10/22/2015: MsNaz2you has made this video private, here is...
Missy Lanning Daily Bumps

Daily Bumps Emergency! Pregnant Missy Lanning Rushed to ER!

Missy Lanning Rushed to Emergency Room at 8 Months Pregnant Missy Lanning of Daily Bumps was rushed to the emergency room after concerns of amniotic fluid...

YouTube Family Vlogger BaileyLiving Will Not Have Baby Shower For Third Pregnancy?

Brandey Bailey of BaileyLiving Opts Out of Baby Shower for Third Child Brandey makes a run to target because she is bored. After shopping, Brandey sits...
ava sarah perkins


Jamie and Nikki Perkins Reveal Photos Of Newborn Ava Perkins! Australian vloggers Jamie and Nikki Perkins finally posts photo of their first child, the gorgeous Ava Sarah Perkins...
Joel Mecham of Ellie and Jared on YouTube

Ellie Mecham Battles With Anxiety During The Birth Of Her Third Son, Joel Mecham

Ellie and Jared Mecham of the YouTube channel, Ellie And Jared, posted a birth vlog that documented the family during the day of the birth...

MsNaz2you Does Not Mention ‘Hubby’ Emmanuel During Labor And Delivery Vlog

MsNaz2you mentioned in previous vlogs that she met Emmanuel, also known as Manny (father of 1 month old Kaitlyn) when she was 7-months pregnant (30...
D&B Nation Damien Prince and Biannca Prince

The Prince Family: Damien And Biannca Choose To Undergo IVF Treatment To Have A...

Damien and Biannca Prince, formerly known as D&B Nation, uploaded a new vlog to their channel, The Prince Family, and revealed that they would be starting...


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