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pregnancy underwater photo


Photographer Chrystal Fuego Takes Awesome Underwater Photos of a Pregnant Missy Lanning The Daily Bumps vlog begins with Bryan Lanning driving to the DMV. Missy Lanning is home...
jamie and nikki

Jamie and Nikki YouTube Vloggers Reveal Baby Name!

Jamie and Nikki Reveals Name of Baby! Jamie and Nikki Perkins just revealed the name of their first baby during their nursery room tour! During the...
Daily Bumps missy lanning

Missy Lanning Of Daily Bumps, ‘Portrait Of A Mother’ [VIDEO]

Missy Lanning of Daily Bumps uploaded an emotional video to mothers who have experienced losing a child due to miscarriage or stillbirth.   Get more Daily Bumps...
ice t wife coco

Ice T’s Wife CoCo Has a Pregnancy Blog on E! Online

Whoa... So, Ice-T's wife, Coco is pregnant with a baby girl she will name Chanel. According to CoCo, only "unhealthy women have morning sickness". Coco...

Family Vlogger MsNaz2you Meets Baby Daddy #3 at 7 Months Pregnant!

MsNaz2you Meets Baby Daddy #3 While 7-Months Pregnant with Second Child! Canadian vlogger, Nas Riley discusses how she met Emmanuel/Manny (the father of her 3rd child, Kaitlin)...

MsNaz2you Slips Up AGAIN? Viewers Question If MsNaz2you Had ANOTHER Baby Before KeiKei

MsNaz2you or, Nas Riley of Scoursborough, Canada-mentions an additional pregnancy in the the vlog, Live Pregnancy Test. *UPDATE: 10/22/2015: MsNaz2you has made this video private, here is...
peter rabbit nursery decor

Peter Rabbit Nursery Decor REVEAL by Missy Lanning of Daily Bumps!

Vlogger Missy Lanning of Daily Bumps Reveals Baby Finley's Peter Rabbit Nursery Decor!  YouTuber Missy Lanning reveals her carefully chosen Peter Rabbit Nursery Decor theme nursery for...

GloZell Green Is Having A Baby With Help Of Surrogate

YouTube Veteran Glozell Green is HAVING A BABY! GloZell Green shocked viewers not to long ago with the news that she will be attempting to have...

Did YouTube Vlogger MsNaz2you Plan All 3 Pregnancies?

MsNaz2you Meticulously Plans All Three of Her Pregnancies? In this vlog, MsNaz2you is holding her son Maxwell (born July 3rd, 2014-Video uploaded August 12th, 2014) once...
daily bumps

Daily Bumps 3D Ultrasound Photo of Finley Resembles Ollie Lanning!

Daily Bumps Reveals 3D Ultrasound Photo of Baby Finley! Missy Lanning reveals new 3D ultrasound photo of Finley Lanning (due October 2015). Finley shows a striking resemblance...


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