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latoyas life

LaToya Forever Reveals SECOND PREGNANCY in Surprise Vlog!

YouTube Vlogger, LaToya Ali Reveals Second Pregnancy in Surprise Vlog! LaToya Forever revealed to viewers she was pregnant with her second child. LaToya and Adam Ali have...
Missy Lanning miscarriage

Family Vlogger Missy Lanning Reveals Memory Box of Miscarried Baby Keepsakes

  Missy Lanning Reveals Items in Memory Box At 20 weeks pregnant, vlogger Missy Lanning miscarried a son. After some time, Missy has the courage to share the contents of this...
Sam and Nia

Sam and Nia Are Back and Surprises Viewers with NEW PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT!

Christian Vloggers Sam and Nia Are Back and Surprises Viewers with Pregnancy Announcement Sam and Nia Rader, the controversial YouTube Christian vloggers are back from...
latoya forever

LaToya Forever Welcomes First Son, ZAYN ALI!

LaToya Forever's Beautiful LABOR & DELIVERY Vlog! LaToya Forever’s labor and deliver vlog is FINALLY HERE! The vlog begins with Adam Ali driving to New York...
missy lanning

Daily Bumps, Missy Lanning is 36 Weeks Pregnant with Second Child!

Missy Lanning of Daily Bumps stands on a dock with son, Ollie. Missy Lanning is currently 36 weeks pregnant with second child, Finley Lanning who is...

BaileyLiving: Pregnant Vlogger, Brandey Bailey Rushed to ER due to Irritable Uterus!

BaileyLiving YouTube Mommy Vlogger, Brandey Bailey Is Rushed to Emergency Room! With 16 weeks left in her pregnancy, Brandey Bailey found herself in the emergency room due...
daily bumps

Daily Bumps 3D Ultrasound Photo of Finley Resembles Ollie Lanning!

Daily Bumps Reveals 3D Ultrasound Photo of Baby Finley! Missy Lanning reveals new 3D ultrasound photo of Finley Lanning (due October 2015). Finley shows a striking resemblance...
Jamie and Nikki

Jamie And Nikki Perkins Brunch Date, Cute Convos With New Daddy

Jamie and Nikki Perkins Have Adorable Lunch Date! Nikki meets with the guidance counselor of her nursing program to discuss options of returning to school...
Daily Bumps

Daily Bumps Vlogger Missy Lannings Has A Message to Mothers Everywhere!

Missy Lanning Mothers Day Video Bryan Lanning Family Vlogs: Twitter: Snapchat: bryanlanning Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: iTunes: Missy Lanning Family Vlogs: Twitter: Snapchat: Missylanning Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Daily Bumps Merch: Want News and Updates on...
jamie and nikki

Jamie And Nikki Attend First Doctor Checkup For Baby!

Jamie and Nikki: 'Baby Has a Strong Heartbeat' Yaaaaaay! Jamie and Nikki uploaded a new video! They have to be one of my favorite couples...


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