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MsNaz2you Planning Second Pregnancy…Vlogging It All On YouTube

MsNaz2you of Chapters of Our Lives Planned Second Pregnancy?! MsNaz2you is planning her second pregnancy (child to be born-Maxwell-father currently unknown). It is October 13th, 2013 and...
Daily Bumps missy lanning

Missy Lanning Of Daily Bumps, ‘Portrait Of A Mother’ [VIDEO]

Missy Lanning of Daily Bumps uploaded an emotional video to mothers who have experienced losing a child due to miscarriage or stillbirth.   Get more Daily Bumps...
jamie and nikki

Jamie and Nikki: Nikki Perkins Has 11-12 Week Pregnancy Update!

Jamie and Nikki Having First Child and Gives Pregnancy Update! In today's vlog, Nikki Perkins viewers the audience on her pregnancy. Perkins is due to be born on January 18th, 2016. Nikki...

GloZell Discusses Infertility–Surprise BABY NEWS!

GloZell Starring in Docuseries about Infertility Journey GloZell is starring in an original docuseries entitled "Glo All In: Glozell's Baby Journey". GloZell will try to conceive...
ava sarah perkins


Jamie and Nikki Perkins Reveal Photos Of Newborn Ava Perkins! Australian vloggers Jamie and Nikki Perkins finally posts photo of their first child, the gorgeous Ava Sarah Perkins...
did jamie and nikki have baby

YouTuber Nikki Perkins 18 Weeks Pregnant and Having Pregnancy Cravings!

Nikki Perkins of Jamie and Nikki is now 18 Weeks Pregnant with First Child Jamie and Nikki Perkins is now 18 weeks pregnant with their first child...
patricia bright

PATRICIA BRIGHT and Husband Micheal’s First Vlog As Parents!

Patricia and Michael Bright's First Vlog with Baby Grace! Patricia Bright and her husband Mike uploaded a vlog today entitled, “First Few Weeks with New Baby”,...

Did YouTube Vlogger MsNaz2you Plan All 3 Pregnancies?

MsNaz2you Meticulously Plans All Three of Her Pregnancies? In this vlog, MsNaz2you is holding her son Maxwell (born July 3rd, 2014-Video uploaded August 12th, 2014) once...
sam and nia

Sam and Nia: Christian Vlogger TELLS WIFE She is Pregnant!

Sam and Nia YouTube Channel Goes Viral When Sam Tells Nia SHE'S Pregnant! Sam and Nia Radar obtained 20.9 million views by lip synching "LOVE IS...

BaileyLiving’s Brandey Bailey is 20 Weeks Pregnant and Updates with Photo!

BaileyLiving: Brandey Bailey's 20 Week Pregnancy Photo! Jeremy and Brandey Bailey of BaileyLiving  shared, "Just over here being pregnant and married and stuff LOL". Brandey Bailey is...


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